‘Batgirl’ Film To Feature Edgier ‘New 52’ Version Of Barbara Gordon

The 'Batgirl' DC Extended Universe Film will reportedly feature the 'New 52' Version of Barbara Gordon by writer Gail Simone.

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Today Variety reported that The Avengers director Joss Whedon was in talks to write, direct and produce a standalone Batgirl film set in the DC Extended Universe. Of course, in the comics a number of character’s have adopted the Batgirl mantle over the years, prompting fans to wonder which iteration of the character would be featured in the film. Now, Entertainment Weekly has reported on which version of Batgirl will appear in the film and which comics will be referred to during the project’s development.

EW writes:

Sources tell EW that this version will be Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, and the movie will use the DC Comics “New 52” version of the character as a starting point.

According to EW, the film will follow writer Gail Simone’s early run on the series.

“[…] but sources tell EW the movie will follow Simone’s harder-edged storyline rather than the more comical, playful “Batgirl of Burnside” series that was rebooted in 2014, featuring the hero as a social-media obsessed student living in a hipster neighborhood of Gotham.”

Launched in 2011, the “New 52” version of Barbara Gordon has recovered from the spinal injury that left her paralyzed after an a violent encounter with The Joker in The Killing Joke.

Warner Bros. president and chief content officer Toby Emmerich will be overseeing the project alongside DC Films co-heads Jon Berg and Geoff Johns.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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