‘Batman’ Star Adam West Honored With Bat-Signal Display In Los Angeles

Adam West BatmanLast night, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck were joined by numerous fans and actor Burt Ward to honor the memory of Adam West, the man best known for playing Batman in the iconic 1960s live-action series that aired on ABC.

As you can see in the video and pictures below, Garcetti switched on the Bat-Signal as fans — some in costume — watched, projecting the giant logo onto City Hall.

Garcetti then spoke a few words and compared West’s Caped Crusader to the actors that stepped into the cape and cowl after him:

“They’ve all had their time in the cape and the cowl but did anyone have more fun than Adam West? There will never be a Batman like Adam West – and there will never be another Adam West.”

Ward, who played Robin opposite West’s Batman for a total of 120 episodes, added:

“I’m here to tell you that my friend Adam would want every single one of you to be incredibly happy and to be joyous. Because he spent his entire life as a performer making people happy, making them laugh and trying to make this world a better place.”

West passed away on Friday, June 9, following a short battle with leukemia, according to a family spokesperson. He was 88.

Source: The Guardian

The Top 7 Greatest Batman Vs Joker Stories

Batman vs. the jokerOf all the comic book hero/villain relationships, there are none quite as fascinating as Batman and the Joker. Order vs. Chaos. Seemingly opposite in nature, but more similar than you might believe. One of them insane while the other borders on insanity, some might argue. All Batman might need to take is one step in the wrong direction to become just like the Joker. Just a little push.

No one gets under the Dark Knight’s skin like the Joker, and vice versa. Joker has taunted Batman by challenging the nature of his existence, by brutally attacking his allies, sometimes even killing them. Batman meanwhile, frustrates Joker endlessly by refusing to give in to Joker’s temptation to kill him. In spite of this, Joker has a certain admiration for the Dark Knight. Depending on the interpretation, some might even call it love.

Over the years, a number of excellent writers have done their version of the Batman and Joker relationship. Whether in the comics, the television shows, or the movies, each medium has allowed a creator to leave their mark on this age-old battle. In the great Batman/Joker stories, the conflict between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime is never just physical. It’s always philosophical, psychological and existential. Without one, we have to wonder whether the other would exist at all.

Click next to learn more about the greatest stories featuring the two characters.

Michael Bezanidis

Michael Bezanidis

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  • towblerone

    “Because she looks hot in it” is the only sensible explanation. No need to explain this kind of stuff, nor apologize about it.

    • Carl

      I get what you are saying but in that picture she isn’t dressed appropriately like everyone else is.

      • Somebody_Else

        Of course it’s Jumanji, and that’s pretty much anything goes jungle style. As far as we know at this point, she was an 8 year old child until she got a “Oh grow up!” result in the game.

      • Michael Leeling

        And who decides what is “appropriate”? If you don’t like the way she is dressed don’t go see the movie, don’t look at the pictures, don’t read about it. No women should have to justify what she wears to anyone but herself.

        • Carl

          Relax dude. Appropriate for the situation not in general.

        • Evan

          She’s clearly not dressed “appropriately” for an actual jungle–as in what someone should wear in the jungle b/c inadequately covered or protected arms and legs would be scratched, torn up, etc by all the thick vegetation. Especially if you’re running through it.

          But according to Gillan, there’s a good reason for it. You don’t need to defend her right to wear what she wants. Any adequately prepared person would do a better job of covering up in the jungle, but there’s a plot driven reason for her not being prepared.

    • Kyo Bladezen

      I mean, if she’s not dressed appropriately, then neither is The Rock. Throw a shirt that low cut on her and nothing beneath, and you’d have the exact same amount of uproar.

  • Brian

    What a stupid reason to make an article about…

    • P Y

      Do guys in the 18-35 demographic really get outraged at a woman in a revealing outfit? Nope. They just want to check out the goods. It’s click bait. It worked for me and it looks like it worked for you too.

      • Marielle

        It’s just to make people read about the movie. There’s nothing new in this story. It was probably planted by the movie’s marketing team.

  • Cara Ann DalCanton

    “child-sized clothes”

    Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, especially due to this specific word choice, that she became trapped in the game as a child and never got any new clothes in the jungle.

    • Irish Creem

      That’s where I went with it too. Except her clothes look pretty clean for having been worn for years in the jungle haha.

      • Cara Ann DalCanton

        u right, u right.

      • Jake

        You know there’s water in the Jungle, right? Lots, and lots of water. Perfect for washing things. Like clothes.

        • P Y

          Water, yes. Soap? Not so much.

          • justin

            Why doesnt she have hairy legs?

          • Jake

            THIS is the better question. It would be much more difficult to fashion a razor from available materials than friggin soap and water.

          • Jake

            You know you can make actual soap from animal fat and wood ash, right? Something abundantly available in the jungle….
            So yes, with a little bit of time. There is also lots and lots of soap in the jungle.

          • Adrienne S

            And if she had become trapped in the game as a child you expect me to believe she just also happened to know how to make soap?

          • Jake

            She looks pretty clean to me. You’re also forgetting Jumanji isn’t uninhabited. Could just as easily come from a local tribe.

          • Jake

            But lets face it, if you don’t know how to build a fire, make basic tools and shelter, and purify water and animal fat for drinking and soap. You’re never going to live long enough for those clothes to get small.

    • Chris Rabideau

      That and sexy female bods bring in $.

    • Beautiful Vaporeon

      I feel like its more so that the videogame version of her is just a Lara Croft clone. They’ll look nothing like their irl-counterparts

    • Marielle

      It’s about 4 teenagers who enter the game and become game characters. The hot girl becomes Jack Black, the tall jock becomes Kevin Hart, the weak guy becomes Dwayne Johnson and the “unathletic” girl becomes Karen Gillan… who is supposed to be like a strong warrior woman or something.

      • Cara Ann DalCanton

        You had me at “The hot girl becomes Jack Black”

    • I think it would be QUITE a stretch for some of those clothes to fit her adult self.

      The boots.
      I meant the boots.

    • dawnamber

      So how come no one else outgrew their clothes as they got stronger and buffer fighting the jungle?

  • Kittenn1011

    Now, I assume because she said there’s a reason her clothing is “child-sized” specifically, not just called “skimpy” like the famed police outfit from Doctor Who would’ve been– I assume the reason is she’s in some sort of Adam-equivalent situation here where she grew up without access to new clothing… but considering how dangerous continuing to wear her child-sized clothing into adulthood would be in the jungle, I can’t see her not fashioning new clothing like, you know, Adam did. Also, because how’d they be so in tact after years– and how would they still fit her at the hip and shoulders because it’s not just height that children gain as they age. So unless she aged up very quickly due to the game’s magic, it doesn’t make sense that she would be wearing the same kids’ clothes years later.

    So this explanation is probably is more an excuse to have her scantily clad than a reason. As in, they decided to make her scantily clad and then came up with a reason for it to make sense in-universe rather than built the universe and then realised the character would have to be scantily clad as a result of it. Or came up with the reason and decided that, oh, wait guys guess what we can make her scantily clad because of this! Without thinking through other clothing-related possibilities that would make more sense for her character.

    Furthermore, the marketers didn’t need to use an image of her in this outfit in the initial advertising unless she spends most of the movie in it. They chose to use this image of her scantily clad because of either the outrage or the “sex-sells” or both.

    In conclusion– despite the fact that I will watch the movie either way and enjoy it whether it’s made a sexist move or not– just having a reason to make her scantily clad isn’t the problem with a promotional image like this.

    • Disqus Hates Its Users

      That is the problem.

      • Kittenn1011

        *Sorry, meant to say “doesn’t solve the problem” haha. Really tired when I wrote that, long day at work.

  • Rob Klaers

    That’s Jack Black.. Ok, I thought it was John Rys-Davies for a moment..

  • Jeremy

    I thought they already explained it. They’re all kids inhabiting the bodies of these archetypal characters; the rock is really a nerd boy, Jack Black is a mean girl, Kevin Hart is a jock, and Karen Gillan is a nerd girl. Kind of like Den from Heavy Metal

  • Mike Maher

    She needs a reason?

  • Steven Brengard

    This is news? Really?

  • BigRon60

    The less clothing she wears the happier I am!

  • Truthsayer

    Um… What am I missing here? Most women go around with either skin tight clothes or lots of skin showing.. This is a costume for a role. What’s wrong with it? Everything is covered. What is there to be worked up about?

    • Disqus Hates Its Users

      Thanks for providing examples of why we need feminism.

      • Truthsayer

        Well if she has such an issue with the costume, then she should seek a different line of work or only take roles as a nun, pre-1950.

        And if you have such an issue with it, perhaps you would be better off getting off social media and not watching shows or movies that might trigger you.

    • homasapiens

      mosquitoes. Itchy itchy!

  • Michael Leeling

    She should not have to defend her outfit to anyone. She and the guys could go through the entire movie butt naked and it would make no difference. She did not write the script. As long as she is comfortable with herself that is all that matters.

    • homasapiens

      The guys aren’t going butt naked. Nor do any of them have their midriff exposed. I look at her and all I can think of is mosquitos…

  • Irish Creem

    Kids see more revealing clothing at a family swimming pool. You can see more of Dwayne’s chest too! Give me a break lol.

    • Disqus Hates Its Users

      That whooshing sound you hear is the point flying over your head.

  • Gene Pozniak

    The Adventure Time cartoon lady characters are more scantily clad and there’s a male character shaped like a penis. So get your priorities straight, Bible Belters!

  • Ken

    Doesn’t look much different that what I see woman wearing every day in the summer.

  • R. Humus

    Would there be an uproar if Johnson was shirtless and in tight shorts? Probably not. Would there be one if Black was shirtless and in tight shorts? Probably.

    Get over it, folks.

  • She has faces on her knees! next….

  • kmrod

    “it’s an understandable concern for fans to have.”

    no, it’s really not.

  • This is hardly revealing. I’d be more concerned that Jack Black looks like he could drop dead any minute.

  • Kyara Peacock

    “Gillan promises the payoff is worth it and that there is absolutely a solid reason for it, but for any further information, we’re probably going to have to wait for the film to come out, unless, of course, Columbia Pictures decide to touch on the subject in the as-yet-unreleased trailer.”

    Then why even say anything about it? How fking stupid!

  • Porst

    Just like Hideo Kojima had a totally valid reason for Quiet in MGSV to be wearing next to nothing, right?

  • Kira Serahs

    From Left to Right – Comedy Relief(hat), The Rock(Hot Guy), Red Head(Hot Girl), That Guy Who’s Cat For The Part Because He’s Funny But No One Actually Knows His Acting Set….

  • velinn

    It would be awesome if people could wait until they actually see the damn thing before complaining about it.

  • dragster147

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the outfit. Looks fine to me. It’s shorts and a shirt. So what if her belly is showing. You see lot’s more in a bikini. Personally, if a woman has a great looking set of abs, then why not let the world see them? Dwaynes shirt is not exactly billowing. It’s kind of tight on him. But people like to show off his physic. Just too bad he has to look like he sweated his nuts off keep that shirt on.

    I think of Karen as doing nothing more, or less, than what Dwayne has done.

  • Brian L. McAfee

    It’s been revealed in another article that the 4 characters are children that become trapped in the game, and when they enter “the game” they become the pre-set character avatars of the game; the use of the word avatar makes me think there is a digital element, like the board game has become a video game? That makes sense – and would explain why Karen Gillan’s character (Ruby Roundhouse) is a Lara Croft lookalike.

  • Tracy

    I’m sure the only people complaining are the ones who were marching on Saturday.

  • PapaRocks

    Please don’t irritate Karen or the Nebula ego will blast your face off.
    you go girl
    Red Rocks!!!!!

  • reader

    she was going for “serious actress” in a Jumanji remake?
    is there Oscar talk already?

  • 54StarryNights

    Oh please. I’m sure they’ll come up with some explanation for her outfit, but they are fooling nobody. We all know that in reality it’s the same old reason.

  • Man, I wish we had more movies with Jack Black and the Rock.

  • KDramaLoveR

    She’s actually a kiss-o-gram? (Whovian reference)