‘Batman: The Court of Owls’ Writer Scott Snyder Fuels New Batman Video Game Speculation

Batman Court of Owls

Batman: The Court of Owls writer Scott Snyder’s recent Twitter activity fuels speculation from DC fans regarding a new Batman game.

The Court of Owls was first introduced back in 2011 during Snyder’s groundbreaking New 52 run and have recently appeared in live-action on Fox’s Gotham. While many fans have been speculating over Rocksteady’s next game, Batman: Arkham Origins developer Warner Bros. Montreal are also working on a secret project, which was at one time rumored to be a Suicide Squad game.

A recent tweet from Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina sparked speculation from fans that the studio was working on a game involving The Court of Owls and Reddit user TheAwkwardSilent noticed Snyder retweeted IGN’s story on Vezina’s tweet. The Court of Owls creator also retweeted another article regarding the rumored game and liked several tweets from fans.

Scott Snyder, creator of Batman antagonists "The Court of Owls", retweeted an IGN article speculating on WB Montreal making a Batman game, centered around the Court from BatmanArkham

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While The Game Awards are happening this week, it seems fans will have to wait a bit longer for news on WB Montreal’s game as it was confirmed that the studio will not be at the show.

In the comics, The Court of Owls is a secret society and organized crime group that is known for kidnapping children from the circus, then training them to become assassins known as Talons.

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