‘Batman’ Art Imagines Michael Keaton As An Older Bruce Wayne

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New Batman fan art imagines what Michael Keaton would look like as an older Bruce Wayne.

Fans have long been clamoring for Warner Bros. and DC to bring a live-action Batman Beyond or The Dark Knight Returns film to the silver screen, with many believing that it would be fitting for Michael Keaton to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne. Now, new fan art has surfaced online and it offers audiences a look at what Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne could look like thirty years after Tim Burton’s first Batman film.

You can check out the artwork in the post below!

Can we get a direct 30 years later sequel to Batman (1989) from batman

Would you like to see Michael Keaton return as Bruce Wayne? Do you think this artist rendition does the acclaimed actor justice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Warner Bros. and DC Films are currently developing several projects, including The BatmanThe Flash standalone film, Green Lantern CorpsBirds of PreyBlack AdamCyborgNightwingSupergirl, New Gods, Suicide Squad 2, a Deathstroke film, and a Joker origin movie set outside of the DCEU.

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Source: Reddit

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