Batman Sends Lex To Arkham In ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition’

Warning – This article contains Spoilers.

In the last week, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice went from a heavily controversial film to receiving almost unanimous praise, and that dramatic change in tone is due to the unexpected early release of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition‘ on Flixster and CinemaNow. Since the momentary “leak,” countless fans were able to legally purchase and watch the film weeks earlier than WB had intended, including some of Heroic Hollywood’s own. From the repair to the lackluster pacing, to the restoration of the roles played by Jena Malone and Dan Amboyer, fans have found a fantastic film hidden away in the rough film that Warner Brothers releaved earlier this year. But of all the revelations to come to light one seems to stand out most, the reveal that Batman has had Lex Luthor sent to Gotham’s infamous Arkham Asylum and possibly tying the film directly into the upcoming highly anticipated DC film Suicide Squad, which is due later this summer.

The new scene comes actually as an extension of the ending confrontation between Batman and Lex Luthor at the end of the film.

In the new scene, Luthor reveals to Batman that he knows his identity, to which Batman has the perfect reply:

Lex: “Oh, Look at us. This is how it all CAVES in. Civilization on the WANE, MANNERS out the window. But, who would believe me? I’m insane. Not even fit to stand trial.”

Batman:“We have hospitals that treat the mentally ill with compassion, but that’s not where you’re going.”

“I’ve arranged to have you transferred to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. I still have some friends there. And they’re expecting you.”

Now its worth noting that although Amanda Waller recruits Task Force X aka The Suicide Squad from Belle Reve, some of the members of the team are transferred from Arkham to that prison at the beginning of the film, most notably being Harley Quinn. While it doesn’t take much for fans to put this connection together, it could also point to the previous rumors of Lex Luthor having a minor cameo in the upcoming film to actually being true.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition‘ will be available on Digital HD June 28 and on Blu-ray July 19.

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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