Batman Had A Very Different Cowl For His Mech Suit In ‘Batman V Superman’

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Ben Affleck’s Batman almost had a much sleeker design for his mech suit used in the finale of 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

The caped crusader has gone through so many different iterations in the comic books. His methods have shifted from time to time, as has his moral compass, but one thing that has evolved more than anything has been Bruce Wayne’s Batsuit. He’s had blue suits, black suits, multi-colored suits, long ears, short ears, suits with more armor than others, but considering the character has been around for eighty years that should come as no surprise Naturally, this makes the process of creating an iconic suit like the Batsuit for the big screen is difficult because everyone has their own vision of the character.

The pre-production process on a comic book movie can take years sometimes because of how much work goes into forming the perfect onscreen representation of these iconic characters, even if it doesn’t always wind up with the most beloved results. One of the most talked about superhero movies in recent memories has been 2016’s Batman v Superman and now a new photo reveals one of the test suits used to bring Batman’s mech suit to life. Check out the early armor design below.

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The design on the left is awesome but the suit on the right seems to have been a better look for Zack Snyder’s story. In Batman v Superman the dark knight  wears a very worn, tattered Batsuit and a scratched up, gritty mech suit that both reflect the pieces of himself that have fallen away during his long reign as the caped crusader. Once Affleck’s Batman appears once again in Justice League, the dark knight wore a much brighter, cleaner design to his armor that reflects his moral shift.

Ben Affleck’s caped crusader became the subject of controversy when the hero voided his no killing rule for almost the entirety of Batman v Superman. Now that Affleck is focusing on his health, his future as Batman has come into question, but no official announcement has been made just yet.  Which armor design do you prefer? Were you a fan of Snyder’s interpretation of Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit