Batman: Tom King Still Set To Write 100th Issue

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In a recent series of posts, Batman writer Tom King confirmed that he will be writing the 100th issue of the series’ Rebirth imprint.

In the post he addressed some confusion regarding a recent DC’s solicitations for Batman #64-65. In it, The Flash writer, Josh Williamson, was listed as the sole writer of the issues. He confirmed that Williamson was writing the two issues as part of a Flash crossover, as he needed time off to work on an unnamed television show:

Solicits show me not writing Batman 64, 65. What happened? A while back, I needed 2 weeks off to work on #the secret TV stuff. @Williamson_Josh and I were already planning this Bat-Flash crossover, and he kindly agreed to write the whole thing to give me this time.

(Josh is the best on a number of levels. The issues will be amazing. Josh is going to out button The Button.)

He later confirmed that he was, in fact, set to write the 100th issue and was set to write at least 103 issues of the Batman series:

For anyone keeping track, I’ve always said I’m doing 103 Batman issues cause that’s 100 of my own issues. So does this push the run back to 105?

He then stated that the 100th issue would wrap up what he considered his Batman story:

I think so…the “story” will still end at 100. This’ll just give me more issues for the coda/emotional wrap up stuff. Now we’ll have enough for a trade there at the end. So that works out.

He then expressed a mild irritation at the fact that he wasn’t able to write every issue:

As to whether I’m happy about any of this, I am not. I want to write all the Batman. But the secret TV stuff was really an insane-crazy thing and I decided, after much consternation, to give it a try. We’ll see how it plays out.

You can see the start of the thread below:

From the sound of things, Tom King has his hands full.

What do you all make of this news? Are you upset that Tom King will not be writing those two issues? Are you looking forward to his work on the 100th issue? Have you enjoyed his work overall? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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