Ben Affleck On That “Oh Sh*t!” Moment In ‘Batman v Superman’

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This article contains minor spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

During the third act of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Caped Crusader tries to get Doomsday’s attention by spraying bullets at him with the Batwing. However, things don’t go as planned, and Batman ends up on the ground with Doomsday right in front of him.

If you’ve seen the movie or even the trailers, then you probably already know that Batman then says “Oh sh*t!” You might be wondering why the character would curse in a PG-13 script, but as it turns out, that line was actually improvised by Ben Affleck. Here’s what the actor told EW:

“I just improv’d that. I had a feeling that it would work and that it would be funny. I improvised and I talked to Zack about it and I think this will really work because you don’t expect it – and because it’s Batman, and at that moment he is so incredibly overmatched.”

Lots of younger viewers will probably see the movie at some point, but Affleck doesn’t sound too worried about potentially exposing them to the curse word:

“We’ve taken these characters and are treating them more and more realistically. It seems very realistic that he would say that at that point. Any kid has heard their father say that if he’s trying to hammer a nail and hammers his thumb by accident. I think that, unfortunately, all kids are plenty exposed to that particular expression.”

What do you guys think? Did you find that moment funny while watching the movie? Sound-off your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Michael Bezanidis

Michael Bezanidis

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  • Lupin

    Cue the trolls getting mad for Batman V Superman treating the audience like adults.
    AND. HERE. WE. GO!

    • breakerbaker

      What does that mean, exactly? Treating the audience like adults. I didn’t like the movie (at all), and I’m an adult. And there’s legitimately very little about this movie that feels like it was designed for an audience of adults. Or even for Batman and Superman fans–two characters who whether you like it or not, should be accessible to the full spectrum of ages and should be recognizable in more ways than simply their costuming. This condescending idea that Superman or Batman or the audience need to grow up to be interesting is completely insulting to the history and character of the characters, not to mention the audience who loves THOSE characters. I wanted so badly to like this movie, but I came out of it having concluded that DC has given creative control to a guy who hates the characters that should be the foundation of their universe. He killed Jimmy Olsen without even naming him or allowing him to meet Clark/Superman?!?

      Injustice is crap. If this is where the DCEU is headed, which the Knightmare sequence clearly implies, then I want no part of it.

      • aaflo

        butt hurt

        • breakerbaker

          Dude, I’m glad you liked it. Honestly. I wanted to like it. But I didn’t like it at all. I think it completely ruined the character of Superman and mostly ruined Batman. And it incomprehensibly compromised the entire philosophical dilemma the movie sells itself as being about when it reveals that it’s not Clark’s principles or moral code that lead him to challenge the Batman (who really does operate in ways that Superman should want to stop), it’s just Lex Luthor manipulating him. And Batman is upset for X reasons, but it’s also just Lex…for some reason. Anyway, these things don’t sound like adult plot points to me. They sound like confused plot points. Like they wanted the movie to be about the BvS fight, but realized that they needed another fight where they come together so they decided to add the Luthor arc into the script in the final draft.

          • Props to you for responding to someone writing “butt hurt”. That un-constructive crap is the number one reason I hate these sites.

      • Peter James

        “Injustice is crap. If this is where the DCEU is headed, which the Knightmare sequence clearly implies, then I want no part of it.”


      • Lupin


      • Josh

        “or even for Batman and Superman fans” xD Open a comic book! There are lines AND scenes literally STRAIGHT out of them! I dont even read comic books and I could tell you that. The Superman movies of the old days were NOT Superman. They were Hollywoods Superman. And same thing with Batman, no pervious incarnation has been entirely Batman. The characters shouldnt have to be accessible to a full spectrum of ages. DC comics lean more on the side of Graphic Novels than straight up comics, especially with Batman. They have always leaned toward the darker side. Look up an actual comic book Joker (lets say the Killing Joker story) story and tell me thats the kind of story that is/should be “kid friendly”. Its not. And these characters shouldnt have to be just for a movie. You want a more wide-ranged, more kid-friendly comic book movie? Go watch the DC Animated Universe movies.

        As for Olsen, in the extended cut he is called Jimmy Olsen, and Snyder has said that story wise they didnt/wouldnt really have a need for him with the direction/story they were heading and so it was more of a nod.

  • JMMagwood

    It’s a great moment in a film that has many.

    • Triple M

      It was a funny moment, in a film that has no others.

      • Lupin

        I guessed you missed the memo. Batman V Superman is NOT a comedy!

        • Triple M

          Or a good movie

  • Math

    Yeah, I don’t know. I hear a lot of people claim this is the definitive Batman, and I’ll agree that it’s the best movie incarnation of the character yet, but I can’t say they’ve completely nailed him yet. It’s these little details here and there, kind of like this one that feels out of character.

    I’m nitpicking here, so don’t take this as me claiming they’ve dropped the ball. I’ve really enjoyed this Batman, I’m just saying it’s not quite fair to call him the definitive version of Batman.

    First off, there’s obviously the killings. Maybe it was originally explained and it was simply cut for time purposes and maybe we’ll get a clearer sense of this in the bluray ultimate cut, but had they explained that he used to have this no kill code and now that so much tragedy has weighted on him, like the death of Robin and the Metropolis incident, then he recently decided that he would be more flexible with his no kill code, then I would have been OK with it. The way Snyder explained it though felt more like a “well he killed in these other movies and in the DKR, so it’s OK to make him a killer” and that’s kind of a valid argument, but at the same time the killing in these other interpretations were the detail that bothered me the most about them too.

    Then there’s this “I’m your son’s friend” line that feels off for the character. Had he hesitated to say the word friend, kind of like it was painful for him to admit he has a friend, then that would have fit so much better with his character.

    I still have not quite seen the world best detective at work. Sure he stole and decrypted data from Lexcorp, but is that really something that paints him as one of the smartest man alive? It also took him quite a while to figure out he was being played by Lex Luther to go against Superman. Also it’s Alfred who figures out where Clark’s mom is being held? Also it was never really clear if he figured out that Clark Kent was really Superman when talking to him at the party. Again, better then previous Batman movie incarnations, but not quite up to the level I was expecting.

    I have to see the movie again, but I kind of get the impression that this Batman was smiling a lot. He looked like a guy that would throw a funny or sarcastic remark here and there, but my mind might be playing tricks on me. Batman is always ultra serious and this one felt like he couldn’t wait to throw in a Affleck side smile when he could.

    So like I said, these are nitpicks. I really enjoyed his interpretation and it was the closest to the real Batman yet in live action form and I can’t wait to see more of him. I just can’t justify calling him the definite Batman interpretation yet.

    • Yeah, I don’t have a problem with this Batman killing people, I just wish that they acknowledged it within the film.

    • Josh

      Well throughout a lot of comics and just about every animated incarnation of Batman, he’s always had this sny smirk, so I personally thought it was great. And, i’d have to watch it through one more time, but I dont think BATMAN really smiled that much. It was Bruce Wayne and his playboy persona he puts on. I’ve personally always felt like Batman is the kinda guy who’d throw a sarcastic jab here and there. Not necessarily in a “joking” manner, but in a more serious way still being sarcastic a little.

      I agree with the “friend” comment. I didnt really have that much of a problem with how he delivered it (I interpreted it more as a way of calming Martha than outright stating they were ‘friends’) but I do agree that a hesitation there would have been more impactful character wise, especially considering the ending.

      While he may not yet be “Worlds Greatest Detective” he was definitely more “detective” than any other incarnation which was nice to see. Saw him as a detective almost as much as Batman. And he without a doubt was the most tactical Batman we’ve seen to day(which is where I thought the ‘genuis’ came out most).

      Now the killing. When you look at it, who did he realllly kill though? That last guy holding Martha hostage(which was a fairly true-to-comic scene) and pretty definitely the guys outside with mini-guns while he was flying. That I found perfectly justifiable though because he did it without really thinking at all which played on the emotionally driven aspect of that scene. The Knightmare scene doesnt really count because it didnt technically happen and we dont know if it was a vision/dream/premonition or whatever. He didnt kill the guy with the grenade, he just threw another bad guy into him and they essentially killed themselves. And as far as I could tell/remember no one died in the Batmobile chase scene outside of the dudes who drove their own car into the tanker truck. I didnt really have a problem with the so-called “killing” because most of it wasnt him actually killing people. And the times he did it played into the character development of him, which comes full circle at the end in the scene in the cell with Luthor.

      Fighting though? Hands down most badass Batman to date! Looks like a superhero who was trained by the worlds greatest assassins and has been doing this for 20 years and not just some guy doing karate while the bad guys waited in line to get punched lol xD

  • Dayman

    At last Batman is a BADASS.

  • Worldmind

    As Cap would say: Language! 😉