‘Batman v Superman’ Cinematographer Reveals Zack Snyder’s Cameo

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' cinematographer Larry Fong reveals Zack Snyder's cameo in the much-discussed DC Comics movie.

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It’s not uncommon for a director to want to make a small appearance in a film. For Zack Snyder, his last cameo was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But no matter how much fans tried and scoured for him in every scene of the film, Snyder refused to be found.

Turns out, Snyder is in the film where two of DC Comics’ most popular superheroes go head-to-head, but it’s not in the way anyone would have noticed.

On Twitter, Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong confirmed Snyder’s appearance in Dawn of Justice. You know that scene where Bruce is looking in a fight club and trying to find information on Superman? And there’s a close-up of his hand on a cell phone? Yeah, that apparently isn’t Ben Affleck’s hand we’re looking at. It’s Zack Snyder’s.

It’s so unnoticeable that if Fong hadn’t pointed it out, it would have become a lost fact. Fong also revealed that the shot of Supeman standing, his cape billowing in the wind and a bright light shining on one side of his body, is Snyder “holding the light that simulated the headlights in this shot”.

When asked why Batman v Superman star Benn Affleck didn’t just shoot that hand scene, Fong replied: “1) often actors don’t want to do little tiny shots; 2) often directors LOVE to.”

You can read the exchange between Fong and fans by clicking on the tweets below.

Source: Twitter via ComicBook.com

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