‘Batman v Superman’: Dawn Of Justice Concept Artist Shares Early Look For The Flash

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Jared S. Marantz, famed concept artist and dream weaver, revealed early concept art of The Flash that he made for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s face it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t the movie we had all dreamed of since we were five. Whether it was its convoluted story, the grim-dark atmosphere, Lex Luthor and his Jolly Ranchers, or “Martha,” the movie just wasn’t what it could have been. But none of that is the fault of famed concept artist, Jared S. Marantz. Tasked with creating the world of Batman v Superman, Marantz had a hand in creating some visually stunning sequences and is now revealing never before seen glimpses of his work to the world – including his take on The Flash.

Seen in the Instagram post below, Marantz envisioned a more comics accurate, streamlined look for The Scarlet Speedster. And honestly, it looks a touch better than the final version we got in Justice League and Suicide Squad.


Of course, The Flash didn’t appear in costume during BvS however, the fact that Marantz was actively making designs for him may suggest that an early version of the draft did in fact include him. That then begets the question, what other directions were Zack Snyder, director of Batman v. Superman contemplating? Would The Flash have helped fight Doomsday? What would he have thought of Superman and Batman bickering? Would he have had some of Luthor’s Jolly Ranchers? And would he have been paralyzed if someone whispered “Nora” to him?

We will never know the answers to these questions but, thanks to Marantz, we have some fuel for our imaginations.

What do you think of The Flash’s look? Sound off in the comments below!

Warner Bros. and DC Films are currently developing a number of projects, including The Batman, The Flash standalone film, Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey, Black Adam, Cyborg, Black Adam, Supergirl, New Gods, a Deathstroke film, and a Joker origin movie set outside of the DCEU.


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