‘Batman v Superman’ Flash Scene Explained

The following contains spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman v Superman centered on two heroic gladiators going head to head but the movie also contained another main plot, the formation of the Justice League. Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) all make appearances within the film, if only for a brief moment. The only character to get more screen time is The Flash, who appears twice the film. He is seen during an intense dream sequence with Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Producer Deborah Snyder opened up to Collider and she explained that The Flash sequence was an organic process and wasn’t originally in the script.

“This was kind of the opposite [of Breaking Bad] because we had the script and it wasn’t in the script. As we started then we worked on our script, I think we were in the middle of shooting and we started working on the outline for the next movie and where they go, and Zack said, ‘Oh my God let’s add this moment that is gonna pay off down the road, and we’ll find out more information.’”

Snyder added that this movie was key to setting up a larger D.C. Universe and that the upcoming films have easter eggs within the movie.

“We’ve kind of done that a little bit with all the films as we’re developing them and as the scripts come, because it is this connected universe. For instance, the Wonder Woman daguerreotype photograph where we see her for the first time, we shot that and then we actually reshot it. We just shot it and then when they were working on the script [for Wonder Woman] we were like, ‘Wow what if we put in the script the actual taking of the photograph?’ But it’s totally different people because we shot it on our set, so when [Wonder Woman director] Patty [Jenkins] was doing camera tests, we were back and forth because we were prepping that movie and editing and starting Justice League. On one of the days we just got the group together, brought over—because it’s shot on these beautiful glass plates—we brought Steven over, who is a friend of Zack’s from Arts Center, he’s a professor over there and he shoots this beautiful glass plate photography, and we shot it with all the cast. So sometimes it just kind of happens and you kind of change gears, and you realize that there might be an opportunity as you’re working on your process.”

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Source: Collider


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