‘Batman V Superman’ Honest Trailer Released

batman-v-superman-ultimate honest trailer

Seemingly waiting for the release of the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition, the Screen Junkies have released the Honest Trailer for Batman V Superman. And as a riff on the two versions of BvS, have released an extended cut of their Honest Trailer on their website Screenjunkies.com. As one could expect, the trailer bashes most aspects of the film, but speaks highly of Batman and Wonder Woman despite pointing out several flaws with them as well.

From taking on the notorious ‘Martha moment’ to Superman’s lack of speech, the Screen Junkies tackle all the complaints with the film, yet cite hope for this August’s release of Suicide Squad. The trailer features footage from the ultimate cut of the film, as well as mentioning what was added in that cut, so possible spoilers for those who have yet to view the added 30 mins to the film.

Was the Screen Junkies crew too harsh on the film? Do you agree with the Honest Trailer? Sound off in the comments down below!

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Leon Brill

Leon Brill

Leon Brill is a staff writer for Heroic Hollywood, superhero/comic enthusiast, gamer, and film lover.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Now that was SPOT ON!

    • Darthmanwe

      I found it less biting than their usual wit. I’ve seen them tear into movies much better than BvS with a lot more ammunition. Maybe didn’t wanna risk a big DC fan backlash, I dunno.

      • Marquis de Sade

        Yeah, I’m sure they were quakin’ in fear at the mere thought of inadvertently fanning the embers of SAMMY-RAI’S wrath. LOL!

        • Does anyone fear him now that Disqus has a block feature?

          • Marquis de Sade

            Yeah, but who would want to block Sammy-rai, though? There’s a certain comical desperation to his Quixotic-like defense of bvs and everything dceu that’s entertaining.

          • He said some racist stuff about the Thor casting, and that was enough for me.

            But yes, in general I see the humor in someone having such zany and unfounded opinions about superhero movies.

          • Marquis de Sade

            Yeah, that was a lil’ odd, considering he’s black, (allegedly). He, like alot of folks has a problem with Idris playing Heimdale due to being black in a Norse mythological setting, but tends to forget that the character, Hogun (a Mongolian) doesn’t have a place in Asgard either, but is part of The Warriors Three (along with Fandral and Volstagg).

          • Marquis de Sade

            Yep, where sane minds see windmills, that crazy mugga fugga, Sammy-rai be seein’ DRAGONS!

      • Matches Malone

        Funny you mention that as they say at the outset the movie isnt as good or bad as the opposing sects make it out to be. That more than anything made me appreciate their work even more