‘Batman v Superman’ Cinematographer Shows Off IMAX Camera Test

Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong shows off IMAX test footage images on Twitter showcasing Amy Adam's Lois Lane walking in snowy exterior.

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Whether you cheer or cringe at the thought of 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there’s no denying the film’s sharp lensing from cinematographer Larry Fong.

Fong, a longtime Zack Snyder accomplice who is fresh off Kong: Skull Island, shared a few behind-the-scenes glimpse of his IMAX camera test on Batman v Superman (which had sequences shot on 65MM IMAX film), showing both the stark individuality IMAX film possesses and what it takes to capture the image.

Fong first shared a part of an IMAX film reel on Twitter in response to a question about shooting on IMAX. He noted his followers should “look at the epic size of IMAX film. From Batman v Superman camera test.”

The image in question is of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, looking to be standing in a snowy exterior.

Fong then showed where that film reel came from – a filming session of Adams walking in the snow, with crew in tow (including someone carrying the notoriously-bulky IMAX camera).

Batman v Superman was only partially shot with IMAX cameras, though its follow-up, Justice League, is not known to be using IMAX cameras (the film will still have an engagement in IMAX theaters, however). Fabian Wagner (Sherlock) is taking the reins for Fong, who could not join the newest film due to a scheduling conflict.

Fong’s next work will be seen in 2018’s hotly-anticipated sequel The Predator, while the DCEU revs back up with Justice League in November.