Batman Stunt Double Reveals ‘Batman v Superman’ & ‘Suicide Squad’ Secrets

Richard Cetrone, Ben Affleck's Batman stunt double, revealed some behind-the-scenes DC Extended Universe secrets on a podcast.

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Richard Cetrone, Ben Affleck’s Batman stunt double, revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets this week on Holy BatCast. Cetrone spoke about the Knightmare sequence in Batman V Superman, the saving Martha sequence, and his encounters with Jared Leto during Suicide Squad.

Cetrone revealed that the Knightmare sequence was only added during the actual filming of the movie, and wasn’t originally in the script. While it only took about a day or two to shoot the sequence, the actor didn’t get much sleep beforehand so he felt very sluggish while working on the sequence. As a result, Cetrone feels very critical of his performance in that scene, but I think fans thought it was just as incredible as all the other Batman fight scenes. In regards to the saving Martha warehouse sequence, Cetrone is as ecstatic about it as we are.

On Suicide Squad, Cetrone was the one carrying Harley Quinn before Ben Affleck gave her the mouth to mouth. And it turns out there was a lot of joking between the two of them about who was doing what. On top of that, Cetrone had an awkward interaction with Leto. While they were shooting the car chase scene, a cut portion included Batman using a saw to cut a hole in the roof. In between takes, Leto looks up to Cetrone and says “you’re a cute one, hahahaha,” to which Cetrone smiled before remembering Leto was still in the Joker character. So to play Leto’s game, Cetrone scowled back as the Batman would.

Source:  Batman-News

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