‘Batwoman’: Season 2 Finale Teases Poison Ivy & Kate Kane’s Future

The second season wrapped up last night.

Batwoman Kate Kane Poison Ivy

The season 2 finale of Batwoman ended with a nod towards Poison Ivy and hints towards Kate Kane’s future.

As the first season of the latest CW superhero drama called curtains, Kate Kane actor Ruby Rose dropped out of the role. The future was immediately muddied for Batwoman, with many speculating that the series would just wrap up after a decent, almost definitive first season. Luckily, the creative team found a new Batwoman in Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder, who takes up the Scarlet Knight mantle after finding the suit in the wreckage of a plane crash. Rose’s Kate Kane was replaced by Wallis Day via the convenient route of plastic surgery, with Kate Kane losing her memories, brainwashed by Black Mask to do his bidding.

Season two of Batwoman ended last night and it was an overall satisfying finale that wrapped up Kate Kane’s arc, teasing both her and Ryan Wilder’s future. Iconic Batman villain Poison Ivy was also teased as the big bad for season three. After fighting with Alice, Kane remembers her memories and gives Wilder the go-ahead to continue her sprawl as Batwoman. Kate then reveals to Sophie that she’s going to see her father, meet up with Supergirl, and start looking deeper into where Bruce Wayne is.

As for Ryan Wilder, she rebuilds the Batcave and Batsuit, now fully assuming the role of Gotham’s protector. She then decides that her team needs to be searching for the Batman trophies that Kate had stolen for Black Mask. As the episode came to a close, Batman’s trophies and Poison Ivy’s vines begin to wash up on land, implying that the villainess will play a key role in the next season.

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Here is the official synopsis for Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman season two:

Season two kicks off with a major game-changer that will alter Gotham and The Bat Team forever. As the dust settles, Batwoman has everything working against her – including the recently escaped rogues’ gallery of villains – and everyone will come to see her in a whole new light. Alice meets her match when she becomes entangled with a dangerous foe from her past who knows exactly how to prey on her vulnerabilities. As Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) find their footing as sidekicks, a romance will shake up their dynamic. Meanwhile, Sophie (Megan Tandy) and Julia’s (guest star Christina Wolfe) budding relationship will face its first real test and make Sophie question everything she thought she knew to be true.

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