Ben Affleck About Batman, “Fans Are Going To Love It”

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Well ‘Leave Ben Affleck alone’ should be trending anytime now. Once again during the press tour for Live by Night, the actor/director was asked about The Batman, this time by ET, and his frustration with the subject was notable in his response.

‘Oh my God, it’s such a pain in the ass’ Aflleck said. ‘It’s like every time I mention Batman it gets this huge click bait. And when I was doing this movie [Live by Night], it took me two years to get it together, but no one ever asked me “Where is Live by Night”. They ask me “Batman, Batman, Batman”. Batman is coming along, it’s going to be great, we’re going to make something really special, we’re going to take the time to make it right, we’re going to do it good, we’re going to do it the right way and the fans are going to love it.’

You can watch the short clip below.

It is really understandable how annoyed Affleck must be with all Batman related questions. First of all he’s there promoting a very important project for him which is Live by Night, which as he states every time he gets a chance, took him over two years; second of all, that movie is not doing so well with the critics or in the box-office, and all he gets lately are Batman questions. I for one trust Ben Affleck, but we all should really just let him work.

Live by Night is directed by Ben Affleck and is playing in theaters around nation now.

Source: Twitter

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza is a part time writer at Heroic Hollywood and a director at Cinema Kaffe

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Leave the man alone

  • Carl

    I get that it’s annoying but Ben needs to just accept that he is going to be asked about writing, directing and starting in a movie about one of the biggest cultural icons in history.

    His frustration makes me think that it’s studio pressure and disagreements that are getting to him.

    Also saying the fans will like it means nothing, they liked BvS and SS. lol

    • Napi

      The Sega Saturn guy made his appearance and he did what does best!
      Being a total scumbag! xDxD

      Man, your comment was fine but you screwed it with the last part… stop being a facking M0R0N Carl, get laid Carl.

  • flavortang

    Ben is understandably annoyed. He worked for years to get his passion project, Live by Night, produced and it’s done and he’s doing the rounds for it and all these clickbait wh@re media sites just keep asking him the SAME FREAKIN’ QUESTIONS about the Batman. I’d lose my mind so big respect to him for staying composed.

    Ben’s 2016 was crazy busy. I just hope 2017 allows him the time to slow down, regroup and find passion to work on the DCEU stuff when he’s ready.

  • Will Chiyti
    • flavortang

      *clenches jaw*

  • Marquis de Sade

    Ben knew the job was dangerous when he took it. I suggest after the (FLOP, LIVE BY NIGHT) press junkets, he and space cadet, Geoff hunker down and hammer out a serviceable shooting script, so they can get on with it.

  • Darthmanwe

    Very soon now… Very soon… Someone will finally ask that last” How’s the batman movie coming along” question…

    And ben will go full-on warehouse-scene batman on them, screaming “here’s your f…g batman!” all the while doing so.