Ben Affleck’s Batman Joins Brenton Thwaites’ Robin In ‘Titans’ Fan Art

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As is, Titans and the world of the DC Universe is not connected to the events going on in the DC Extended Universe. But that didn’t stop one fan from pairing Brenton Thwaites’ Robin alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman in some cool fan art.

As far back as the first trailer for Titans, many in fandom have been convinced through headcanon that this current incarnation of Robin was raised by Ben Affleck’s Batman. It’s not that much of a stretch when you break it down. Given the similar tone of Titans to Batman v Superman, not to mention how Robin’s fighting style feels emblematic of the Warehouse scene in Dawn of Justice. Plus, remember that one video for Titans where fans were convinced Batman’s silhouette was that of Ben Affleck’s Batman? Not hard to draw a line from Point A to B.

Now that Titans is set to hit Netflix on the international front, we have a new poster to help ring in the occasion. But based on the Robin image, one Reddit user took it upon themselves to add Ben Affleck’s Batman to the poster and put him alongside the Boy Wonder. Here, have a look at the Titans fan art and see both the Dark Knight and his young ward brought together.

FAN-MADE: Ben Affleck’s Batman with Brenton Thwaites’ Robin. from DC_Cinematic

One can always dream. After all, we haven’t seen Batman and Robin on-screen together since…well, Batman and Robin. And no, we’re not counting John Blake’s birth name being “Robin” in The Dark Knight Rises. Still, though, the tone of Titans does complement what Zack Snyder established with Batman in the DC Extended Universe with Dawn of Justice. Would you want to see Ben Affleck’s Batman fight alongside Brenton Thwaites’ Robin, if possible? All Barry Allen has to do is mess around with the timeline, after all.

Let us know your thoughts and hopes on seeing Batman and Robin joined together again in the comments below.

Titans is available now on the DC Universe streaming service.

Source: Reddit

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