Ben Affleck Made One Promise To Jeremy Irons About His Role In ‘The Batman’

'Justice League' star Jeremy Irons reveals that director Ben Affleck made him one promise regarding his role in as Alfred Pennyworth in 'The Batman'.

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Jeremy Irons made his debut as Alfred Pennyworth, the loyal butler and father figure to Bruce Wayne, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, kicking off the characters journey in the DC Extended Universe. Set to return in Zack Snyder’ Justice League next year, Jeremy Irons spoke to Cinemablend about his role in the upcoming film Assassin’s Creed where he briefly discussed his work on Justice League and a promise director Ben Affleck made to him regarding his role in The Batman.

When asked if he had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming solo Batman project with the films director, Ben Affleck, Irons revealed one wish he had for Alfred’s role in the film that Affleck ensured would be granted.

“I have spoken to Ben. In Justice League, we have seven superheroes, and that means Alfred’s not that busy in the movie, and I said to Ben, ‘I hope I’m busier in yours.’ And he said to me, ‘You will be.’ He knows my proclivities.”

While Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice received largely negative reviews, Irons’ performance as the blunt and witty Alfred Pennyworth was one of the few aspects of the film that was generally well received. While it is unsurprising to hear that Alfred will take on a smaller role in Justice League (considering he will appear opposite characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash) it is encouraging to know Irons’ is enthusiastic enough about the character to request a larger role in The Batman.

Justice League will be released in theaters on November 17, 2017.

Source: CinemaBlend

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