Ben Affleck Says ‘There’s No Script’ Yet For ‘The Batman’

Ben Affleck says that "there's no script" yet for 'The Batman'.

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It’s safe to say there’s a lot riding on Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Lots of pressure to deliver, a high level of anticipation and a high expectation for it to be good… or at least better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all, it’s Batman, and fans have come to expect great standalone movies if he’s going to be in them.

Ben Affleck recently spoke to The Guardian and continued with the reassurances that if the film doesn’t come together in the way that he wants, he won’t do it.

“It’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.”

So does this mean there are complications in the film’s development? The Batman is expected to begin shooting in the spring of 2017, so it’s on track as of right now regardless of no script. So the actor and the filmmaking team should begin to solidify a lot of things soon.

With films, it’s not unheard of that even script changes happen during filming, so when Ben Affleck keeps saying that he wants everything to go well, it’s at least reassuring that he wants to get it just right.

Source: The Guardian

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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