Ben Affleck Speaks Out About Future Playing Batman

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Ben Affleck has been the center of many rumors this weekend as his future playing Batman appeared to be clouded. After shrugging off these stories during the Justice League panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Affleck was interviewed by EW to further dispel any thoughts that he is considering hanging up the cowl. Here what he had to say:

“My status remains what it always is. I’ve done the two movies. I’ve always intended on doing a third if Warners wants to make it. Certainly, if the Batphone rings, I will answer.”

Ben Affleck certainly sounds committed to the role and wants to keep doing it if he is asked back to do so. Rumors of Affleck’s departure as Batman go back to when he first left the Batman solo film as director while staying on as the character. Here is what he had to say about that:

“It’s such a big job, in terms of the stunts and the suit and the action and the character. Trying to do that, and direct, would probably be too much. Something would be compromised. I think it came off, optically, to the broader world, like lack of interest or enthusiasm. When in fact I love this character.”

Again Ben Affleck sounds fully on board with whatever DC and Warner Bros. intends to do with Batman and wants to make sure whatever comes out is of the quality that the material demands. On that end, here is what he had so say about new Batman solo film director Matt Reeves:

“I think getting Matt Reeves to come in and do it is really, really exciting. Matt hasn’t really unveiled his full vision yet. He wanted to wait until Apes came out, and he was obviously consumed with that. So I’m looking forward to hearing what his story is.”

When asked if he does have a particular date or film in mind when he would like to give up the mantle to another actor, Ben Affleck had this to say:

“I’d love to do it as long as they’ll have me. Eventually it’ll be somebody else, and I’m sure they’ll get somebody great. But while I’m doing it, I’m going to do the best job I can, and really appreciate how lucky I am.”

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Source: EW

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