Ben Affleck Weighs On The Pressure Of Directing Next ‘Batman’ Movie

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After a long past week of rumors of Ben Affleck seemingly paving the way for a Batman bail out, the last couple of days were a nice glimmer of hope. First Ben Affleck stated that the script has some great stuff and it just needs the get better and better, and last night while promoting his new movie Live by Night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ben Affleck reassured everyone that he will be directing the next Batman movie.

“I’m going to direct the next Batman, we’re working on it. It’s one of those things that’s really frustrating because Live by Night took me a year and a half to write it and get it ready, and worked really hard. It’s just that nobody gave a s—, no one was like ‘Where’s Live by Night!,’ but with Batman I keep on getting ‘Where’s the f—— Batman!’. Wow, I’m working, give me a second!”

It was hard not to see the frustration on Ben Affleck’s face in reaction to the question and especially during his response. But he has a point, over the last decade he has proven to be a very good and capable writer-director, and external pressure doesn’t really help to make his work easier nor faster.

Ben Affleck also commented on the latest Justice League photo and how he makes the new Batman suit look “pretty good.” You can check out the full clip below.

You can catch Ben Affleck as Batman again when Justice League hit theaters on November 17, 2017

Source: YouTube