Benedict Cumberbatch Talks ‘Doctor Strange’

Doctor Strange is only a few more months away, the eagerly anticipated entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that opens up a whole new realm of possibility. While talking to io9, Cumberbatch explained the journey that his character will go on over the course of the film, noting Strange’s change from a man driven by logic into a man driven by faith, something made clear in the first two trailers.

“He controls his fate and the fate of people under his knife—by skill, by hard work, by stuff literally at his disposal at the end of his hands. And the metaphor of him losing that through the crash, the tendons, the muscles, every manufacture of damage you can imagine, is sort of an emblem for how, when you lose control, you have to find something else.”

The character we come to meet at the start of the film will be vastly different from the hero we come to know by the end of the movie. As he journeys to fix himself, he finds something completely new in himself and the world he knew.

“He finds this other, ultimately different way of thinking about things which is through Eastern mysticism and, beyond that, what that opens up into other dimensions. Literally.”

This movie has been expressed to being the start of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, and Cumberbatch explains this is something completely fresh for Marvel but it will still have that same on brand sense of humour.

“[The existence of other dimensions] is exciting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe because you have this huge new canvas that he brings to the whole thing, And as an actor playing someone who starts there and goes to that it’s just wonderful. It’s a riot. And there’s a lot of humor in the collision between Easter mysticism and Western scientific, sort of logical binary. That’s good fun to play and that was important for me to take that element into our version of Strange.”

Doctor Strange will hit movie theaters on November 4th, 2016.

Source: MCU Exchange

Chris Hartmann

Chris Hartmann

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