‘Big Hero 6’ Actor Wants To Play Robin, So He Made A Concept Video For Ben Affleck

Big Hero 6 Robin

When you have a dream, you have to do everything in your power (and then some) to achieve it, no matter how hard it is. Ryan Potter knows this, which is exactly why he took to YouTube to achieve his huge dreams.

Potter, known for his role as Hiro Hamada in Disney’s Big Hero 6, really wants the role of Tim Drake, the third Robin, in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. So much so that he actually made a concept video showcasing himself as Batman’s sidekick! The video is less than a minute long, and showcases Potter’s martial arts skills as he takes on a group of nameless goons.

This isn’t simple play fighting either. Ryan Potter has been practicing “White Tiger Kung Fu” since he was eight years old. I couldn’t tell you what “White Tiger” is, or how it differs from other forms of Kung Fu, but I can tell you that you don’t want to get in a fight with him.

Potter teased the video last Thursday on Twitter, referencing that he had “a little something” planned for his fans. He released the finished project today. At the end of the video, Ryan Potter speaks directly to director and Batman himself, Ben Affleck, saying “Hey Ben, like Tim said, Batman needs a Robin”- referencing what Tim Drake said to Batman in the comics to convince the Caped Crusader to let Drake be his new sidekick.

He also took to Twitter after releasing the video, tweeting out the words  “Representation and Diversity. Now. Not later.” It’s clear he’s referencing the need for more diversity in the superhero genre. Personally, he’s got my vote. Ryan Potter’s got the martial arts skills to pull off the fight choreography, and he’s not a bad actor either.

You can check out Ryan Potter’s martial arts skills in the video below. What do you think? Would he make a good Robin?

Source: EW

Adonis Gonzalez

Adonis Gonzalez

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  • flavortang

    “Representation and Diversity. Now. Not later.” Yeah, making those kinds of race-based demands, insinuating that he should get a job because of his ethnic background tells me he should p!ss off.

    • Ricardo Elliott

      It’s not a demand, it’s a statement. And he doesn’t simply want a job based on his race, if that was all you gathered from the video put together to showcase his TALENT. He, like any other minority, wants an opportunity, not a handout. Are you honestly saying you have a problem with him asking for that in this way? Would it have been better for him to do it Oscars campaign-style, and send Ben a ton of money he inherited from his parents and bribe him for the part?

      Shame on a young person who has dedicated themselves to honing in on their acting and martial arts abilities and would dare go out for a role that, historically, would MOST LIKELY go to a Caucasian actor?

      • flavortang

        It’s a demand. Almost a threat. “Hire me because I’m not white… or else.” Please. Be right for the role BECAUSE YOU’RE RIGHT FOR THE ROLE and you get the job.

        • SAMURAI36

          I usually with you on most things, but I honestly didn’t take it that way on this one. I feel like he led in with his skills first, and the diversity angle second.

          Plus, is he even full Asian? He looks mixed to me, but I could be wrong. But either way, he could definitely pull off Tim Drake.

          • Bruce Norris

            For the first time, we…agree?! He has the skill and such. I think he looks young enough to play Robin in his last years before he becomes Nightwing. Don’t think, Hollywood. Just do : )

      • flavortang

        He’s saying he deserves an opportunity BECAUSE OF HIS RACE. F#ck that. He can audition and get in line like everyone else. Ethnic background, in this case, should have no bearing on whether or not he gets the role, especially since Tim Drake isn’t even Asian. I can understand if the character he’s playing is Asian or if it were a biopic about an Asian person then, yes, ethnicity matters.

        Personally, I don’t care who they hire for the role, but this kid saying he deserves some higher consideration strictly because he’s not white, that’s horsesh!t. He’s trying to get an advantage over other actors based on something he didn’t earn: his ethnicity.

    • Joey Wabi-Sabi

      I disagree completely. I don’t think he was insinuating that he should get the job because they need more diversity in Hollywood. I think he was saying “Yeah I know I’m Asian, but please don’t DISQUALIFY me just because of my race”.
      That’s the way I took it at least. I don’t see anything wrong with him making that statement, and i feel the statement was almost necessary, especially because of fanboy haters. I’m sure there were millions of fanboys out there screaming “WHAT?? But Tim Drake was never Asian in the comics! That makes no sense!”
      So yeah, i think in this day and age of fanboy hatred when it comes to CBMs, statements like that are necessary.

      • flavortang

        To think he’s be disqualified for being Asian is completely stupid. Look at the casts of all the DCEU movies up to this point. Look at the casts of the DCTV shows. Look at Suicide Squad, which just released. All multi-cultural casts. We don’t need to be reminded if you’re not Caucasian. Just sell YOURSELF and your TALENTS. Implying that your ethnic background is either a potential hindrance or a checkbox for the DC Films Rainbow Coalition is asinine.

        To me, if the kid thinks he needs to give himself that kind of arbitrary advantage means he’s insecure about his ability to land the role purely on his merits.

        I’M ASIAN, having nothing against non-Caucasians getting these roles(Hell, Steven Yeun from Walking Dead is my pick for Nightwing) and I was completely with this Potter kid until the “Diversity Now” BS. You never vie for a role by invoking the race card.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Now that there is some gumption! If Ben and dceu is lookin’ for a Robin, dude should definitely be under consideration.

  • Unca Rick

    Give this man the job!

  • Maximillian Pegasus

    I actually think he has a great look for Tim, even though he’s not “white”.

    • Bruce Norris

      I agree.

  • unpaidpundit

    So, Ryan Potter wants to be an Asian sidekick? Hollywood’s terror of offending with Asian stereotypes works against casting an Asian actor as Robin. It would be too Green Hornet and Kato. Marvel has already whitewashed the Asian characters of the Mandarin, and the Ancient One in order to avoid stepping on politically correct toes. Wong is played by an Asian actor, but I understand that he will not be a stereotypical manservant to Dr. Strange.

  • Darthmanwe

    I don’t care about the race thing many of you are arguing about.

    Forcing your way into Batfamily by making a concept video and leaking it online for garnering attention?

    This is such a Tim Drake move, I approve.

    • Sanjay

      An online comment that isn’t attacking someone? Can it be–?

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  • Jack Dennis

    No to Robin in the DCEU.Maybe Nightwing, but he has to be in his mid 20’s at least.No children!

    • Marquis de Sade

      Dude fights like a man, so he has my vote.

    • Joey Wabi-Sabi

      I disagree. We’ve never gotten a comic-book accurate Robin on the big screen before (a kid, or teenager). I think it’s finally time. Robin being a “kid” has worked extremely well in the comics for decades. His young age is an important part of the character’s DNA. I think it will translate well on the big screen. Ryan Potter is 20 but can pass for 16 or 17, which I think is the perfect age for a good Robin.