RUMOR: Details On Batman’s Absence In DC’s ‘Birds of Prey’ Revealed

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Didn’t think that Batman was real? Remember that he’s real when it’s useful. Okay, not in the finalized version of Justice League, but between that line, hearing that Batman was active for over 20 years in Gotham, and a news anchor asking where is the Gotham Bat, you get the sense that Bruce is selective as to when he chooses to don the cowl and get to his vigilante work in Gotham City in the DC Extended Universe. And with recent word that a story detail in Birds of Prey revolves around Batman not protecting Gotham, you have to ask…where’s Bruce?

Now there are umpteenth possibilities for this. For one, like any hero centered in a particular city, whether that’s in the DC, Marvel, or any other universe, they can’t always be around all the time. Heck, the Bat-family is available on the off-chance that Batman himself isn’t present to handle something. Plus, especially after Justice League, Batman is kind of busy with his newfound teammates. Now chances are they may not reconvene together until the next team-up film, but if Batman’s not able to protect Gotham City, he may have bigger priorities that involve him working with the Justice League.

Still, that doesn’t give an in-story explanation as to where Bruce may be during the events of Birds of Prey. And this is where we enter the speculation territory. Or rather, one user on Twitter- DanielRPK- understands that the film’s script contains a line about how no one has seen the Gotham Bat in Gotham City for two years. Well, depending on the timeline between this film and Batman’s most recent sighting, it will have been a few years since Justice League. That wouldn’t explain Batman’s absence because he’d probably have been present at some point unless he was devoting all of his energy and time to League activities.

Here, have a look at the tweet below discussing Batman’s absence in Birds of Prey:

Assuming we’re going by real time and the 2020 release for Birds of Prey, it will have been a little over two years since the events of Justice League. Not factoring in any other things Bruce would be up to or the events of the Matt Reeves film, you do have some time when Batman may have been preoccupied with bigger threats other than street level violence, but again, it’s all speculation.

If indeed the Dark Knight isn’t protecting Gotham around the time Birds of Prey comes out, what do you think the reasoning is? And would you want to see that addressed at some point in a future DC film? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on Birds of Prey.

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