Poll Shows Audiences Still Want A ‘Black Widow’ Solo Film

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While there’s beens talks regarding the possibility for quite some time, we’ve yet to see anything solid surface regarding a solo big-screen out for Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’. There’s a good chance that Marvel Studios has felt that she serves better as a supporting character or perhaps it didn’t seem that there was enough demand for a solo film. It seems they may need to re-think that moving forward as a recent poll conducted by Fandango shows that audiences are clearly interested. This poll asked fans which character they would like to see get their own solo spin-off film next and there was definitely a clear winner

Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanov topped the poll with 48% of the votes, followed by Vision with 15% , then Falcon (12%), Hawkeye (10%), War Machine (8%) & Scarlet Witch (7%). Currently ‘Black Widow’ & ‘Hawkeye’ are the only members of the original Avengers cast to not receive their own solo films. Perhps with Marvel currently doing a number of team-up films, we could see a Black Widow & Hawkeye film make it’s way to the big screen someday? Don’t think audiences would be too against that idea. Would you? Sound off and let us know what you think about the matter in the comments section below.

Source: USA Today

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Carl

    With those choices, of course Black Widow was number 1. I don’t really want to see any of those characters get a movie. If I had to choose it would be Hawkeye.

    I much prefer Marvel’s current slate of new movies including the inevitable return of The Inhumans to the lineup. Sorry Black Widow, you’re just a boring super spy character with no unique skills or abilities.

    • Axxell

      You haven’t read Black Widow comics if you think she’s “just a boring super spy character”…

      • Carl

        I’m sure she has done some interesting stuff in the comics but you can say that about almost any character if you look hard enough.

        I’m more interested in characters with super powers or unique technology.

        • Axxell

          It’s true that compared to other characters with powers, at least on the surface she seems uninteresting. But you don’t need powers to make an interesting and thrilling movie; the timeless popularity of the spy genre (007, Bourne) is proof of that.

  • lowdevil

    Yes, please do it. Marvel deserves a huge flop.

    • asdfsf

      if they were to team her up with Hawkeye and make a Budapest & Tokyo movie I’d do well, I think. And they could also add Bucky for the Red Room Storyline.