Brandon Routh Playing ‘Kingdom Come’ Superman In ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’

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Brandon Routh will play the Kingdom Come version of Superman in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event on The CW.

It was recently revealed Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin will both reprise their roles as Superman in The CW’s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. While Brandon Routh previously portrayed the Man of Steel in 2016’s Superman Returns, Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez reports that the actor will play the Kingdom Come version of the iconic DC Comics character in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, Kingdom Come was a four-issue series published under DC’s Elseworlds imprint. Set in the year 2020, Kingdom Come follows an older Man of Steel as he attempts to rein in a new generation of reckless vigilantes and inspire them to adopt the ideals of past superheroes.

The five-hour Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover will air over two quarters on The CW. This could mean the event will consist of the midseason finales and midseason premieres for the Arrowverse shows. In addition, the Crisis On Infinite Earths episode of Stephen Amell’s Arrow may also serve as the series finale considering the show concludes with its final 10-episode run this fall.

The upcoming crossover event has been teased since the very first episode of Grant Gustin’s The Flash, where a newspaper headline from the year 2024 revealed the Barry Allen’s fate was to disappear during a “crisis.” But the fifth season finale of The Flash accelerated this when the original newspaper headline changed the date of the event from 2024 to 2019. To add to this, the seventh season finale of Arrow set up Oliver Queen’s role in the next crossover by having him join the Monitor on a mission to warn other worlds of the crisis, as part of the arrangement Oliver made in order to save the lives of both The Flash and Supergirl.

Are you excited to see Brandon Routh portray Superman again? How do you think the Kingdom Come version of Superman will tie into the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest news on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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