Is Brother Voodoo In ‘Doctor Strange’?

With Doctor Strange only a few months away, it makes sense that we’ll start to hear more and more about the upcoming film. Most recently is a rumor from That Hashtag Show which states that Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo will be making an appearance in the film. They also mention that Tina Minoru, mother of Runaway Nico Minoru who appeared in the prequel comic, will also make an appearance.

Fans of Doctor Strange comics will recognize Brother Voodoo as the Marvel hero who uses Haitian voodoo magic, and even once became the Sorcerer Supreme after Strange lost the mantle. Like Tina Minoru, Jericho’s brother also appeared in the Doctor Strange prequel comic, so it would make sense for some sort of appearance. Marvel TV fans would also likely love if Minoru appeared as it would provide the first movie-based connection between Marvel’s films and shows as Runaways will be arriving on Hulu in the near future. Granted this is all if That Hashtag Show is correct with their information.

These roles were only mentioned to be cameos however, in about the same length as your usual Stan Lee cameo. Regardless, it sets up exciting possibilities for not only the future of Doctor Strange but the MCU as a whole.

Doctor Strange is casting its way into theaters on November 4th.




Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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