Bruce Timm Explains ‘Batman & Harley Quinn’ In New Featurette

Batman and Harley Quinn

It’s been a long time since Bruce Timm harkened back to Batman: The Animated Series, but DC’s upcoming animated film Batman & Harley Quinn will do exactly that. A new 9-minute featurette that shows the creation of the movie was released on the special features disc with Teen Titans: The Judas Contract this week.

Aside from providing a brief introduction to the plot, the featurette also shows different points of the film’s creation including storyboards and voice acting. Among the cast and crew featured are Bruce Timm himself, the creative director Mike Carlin, co-screenwriter Jim Krieg, and the main voice actors, Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, and Melissa Rauch. Conroy and Lester are reprising their legendary roles of Batman and Nightwing, while this is Rauch’s first time playing Harley Quinn.

Jim Krieg had this to say about the interesting relationship between Batman and Harley in the film:

“Batman hardly looks for help from anyone at all, so, yes, reaching out to someone he doesn’t trust who is, frankly, psychotic — yeah, that’s a dilemma for the Batman for sure.”

Check out the video below:

As Timm says, Batman & Harley Quinn will be an interesting development for DC animation since they have been growing more and more serious and have generally shied away from using the iconic DCAU style created by Paul Dini and Timm with Batman, Superman and Justice League.

I, for one, am excited to see DC attempt a more humor-centric plot, especially since the blockbuster DC films have underperformed in that regard. It will be nice seeing Conroy perpetually annoyed with Harley on this roadtrip. I’m equally pumped to jump back into the DCAU even for a one-off adventure. although Timm didn’t specifically mention if the was supposed to be a sequel of sorts to Batman: The Animated Series.

How do you feel about DC’s upcoming feature film, Batman & Harley Quinn? Does it have you attention? Come back to Heroic Hollywood for more information about this movie, and any other superhero news.