Kevin Conroy’s ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Bruce Wayne Look Revealed In New Photo

Kevin Conroy Batman Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse

Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy has posted a photo that may reveal his Bruce Wayne look for The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Kevin Conroy has been voicing Bruce Wayne since the debut of Batman: The Animated Series, becoming the iconic voice of Batman in the eyes of many fans. Kevin Conroy has even returned to the role of Bruce Wayne across other animated shows (including Justice League Unlimited and Justice League Action), anime (Batman: Gotham Knight) and even video games (Batman: Arkham AsylumArkham City, and Arkham Knight). With Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kevin Conroy will play Batman for the first time in live-action by becoming an older version of Bruce Wayne for the upcoming five-part Arrowverse crossover event.

Last week, Kevin Conroy arrived in Canada to begin work on Crisis on Infinite Earths. The actor later flew from the Vancouver set to New York to attend Comic-Con, sharing photos from the event on his official Twitter account. It appears as though Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne will have a full beard, and will not have grey hair, based on a photo he shared on the social media platform.

Drop down below to check out the photo of Kevin Conroy;

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Kevin Conroy is likely to return to film Crisis On Infinite Earths pretty soon. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne and the highly-anticipated Arrowverse crossover event Crisis On Infinite Earths as it develops.

Crisis on Infinite Earths has been teased since the very first episode of The Flash, where a newspaper headline from the year 2024 revealed the Barry Allen’s fate was to disappear during a “crisis.” However, the fifth season finale of the Grant Gustin series accelerated this when the original newspaper headline changed the date of the event from 2024 to 2019. To add to this, the seventh season finale of Stephen Amell’s Arrow set up Oliver Queen’s role in the next crossover by having him join the Monitor on a mission to warn other worlds of the crisis, as part of the arrangement the Emerald Archer made in order to save the lives of both The Flash and Supergirl.

Crisis On Infinite Earths will span two quarters and consist of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. The Arrowverse crossover will launch with three episodes in December before concluding with two additional episodes in January.

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