Bryan Singer Interested In Going Cosmic With Next ‘X-Men’ Film

While we know that the next X-Men film will be taking the young mutants introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse to the ’90s, it looks like there is a chance the franchise could also be going cosmic as well. While chatting with Fandango, director Bryan Singer commented on the decision to set the next film in that time period and also revealed some interesting bits regarding what we might expect to see in the next film.

That was something Simon [Kinberg] and I discussed a long time ago, all the way back to when I first pitched the studio on First Class — that they do each movie in 10-year increments,…It’s a nice way for the audience to kind of keep track of the timeline, and it’s fun to play in these different eras. So that’s a good starting point.

In regards to the next film’s potential setting, Singer reveals that he is very open to the idea of taking the X-Men to space and dealing with a “big, alien, interstellar tenant”.

…I imagine – and this is the first time I’ve actually answered the question this way – but another thing that’s been introduced in the comics is a big alien, interstellar tenant within the X-Men universe that hasn’t been explored. And to me, that might be kind of fun because I’m a huge ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ fan, and exploring the X-Men universe and being able to utilize that would be exciting, visually.

I’d say it sounds like Singer is definitely interested in taking another crack at The Dark Phoenix Saga, something that has been mentioned quite a bit recently, which he set up in X2 but never explored and was completely botched in X-Men: The Last Stand.

If Singer and company do decide to pursue this, here’s hoping they go full on with it and introduce cosmic elements from the comics such as the Shi’ar and Imperial Guard as well. One can hope, right? Sound off with your thoughts on Singer’s comments in the section below.

Source: Fandango

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