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Not a lot of people were familiar with Deadpool before the amazing marketing campaign we have been witness to this last year. But for those fans that were familiar may have noticed a certain someone missing from the film, someone pretty important to the Deadpool history. I’m talking of course about the time-travelling mutant from the future, Cable. For those that don’t know, Cable has a pretty important heritage that I won’t spoil as it’ll likely be a point of plot in future X-Men films but in the comics he was vital to Deadpool’s introduction as he was the Merc With a Mouth’s first target before the duo later became friends and even shared a 50-issue run together. This meant a lot of fans were surprised to not see him show up in Tim Miller’s hit earlier this year- excluding the mention of him being in the sequel in the post-credits scene (I’m still holding out for that Keira Knightley casting, she definitely does have range). But according to an interview Cinema Blend recently had with the creator of both characters, Rob Liefeld, he advised that Cable be left out;

I absolutely recommended that they not include Cable in the origin story of Deadpool, because it wasn’t necessary. That was on the table of things that were being considered, and I felt like, ‘No, no, no.’ Deadpool is a good enough character. He can carry his own movie and doesn’t need Cable. Similarly, it’s a mistake I believe that Batman v Superman made. They tried to do too many things at once and tell too many stories.

It’s hard to argue with the man, he clearly knows this characters better than anyone else ever could and he makes a great point. Cable is quite a complex character, there is a lot to his history that would probably require a little time to establish and that would have meant taking precious minutes away from that film which was incredibly concise and didn’t waste a moment. I just don’t know where they could have fit in a second origin, bringing him into the sequel makes a lot more sense.

Deadpool is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray, you owe it yourself to pick up a copy!

Source: Cinema Blend

Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy Terry-Green

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