‘Captain Marvel’ Scene Description Details Mission On Torfa

Captain Marvel Brie Larson

When people and entertainment outlets alike say that a tease or trailer could be coming “any day now,” that could mean anything. A day, a week, even a few months from now. Such is the case with Captain Marvel even though, keep in mind, you weren’t exactly promised a trailer with those Entertainment Weekly images. Still, there’s plenty to take from those images themselves, and there’s more to take with a scene description involving Starforce paying a visit to planet Torfa.

The Captain Marvel scene in question involves Starforce, Carol Danvers among them, searching high and low to locate a spy. With so much fog around them, this renders their comms all but worthless. More than that, there’s a chance that Skrulls could be afoot. Sounds like a perfect mission, right?

Anyway, the team is waiting on the planet, which has been recreated with stone archways and blue-streaked sand, and Starforce commander Jude Law- I mean Mar-Vell, gives the order to advance, Carol Danvers is the first one out of the door and ready for action because she doesn’t like waiting for orders. Although Mar-Vell did just give the order. But more than that, she’s always ready to throw down for a fight.

Well, wait until she hears what the Avengers have been up to in the year 2018 when half of humanity was still alive. Either way, sounds like a tense moment in the Captain Marvel film. Hopefully one that we see, either in future images or a teaser?

What are your expectations for Captain Marvel? And what moment in the comics do you hope to see translated to screen? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: EW (via ComicBookMovie.com)

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