Cate Blanchett Calls ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Role ‘A Gift’; Expresses Excitement To Join The MCU

While we have yet to get any confirmation regarding who the Australian actress might be playing, we do know that actress Cate Blanchett is said to one of the villain’s in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. While she didn’t give away any details regarding who she might be playing, the actress recently spoke briefly about joining the cast of the Marvel Studios film. While speaking with with SK-II (via CBM), Blanchett referred to her role in the film as “a gift” for one particular reason.

The role in [Thor Ragnarok] came completely out of the blue. And it’s a gift because the thing that I said to myself this year is that I’m gonna get fit.

During a separate interview, the actress expressed her excitement to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as re-iterating her desire to get fit in preparation for her role.

I’m super, super excited about it. I’ve only done action a couple of times, so it feels like… a departure is too strong a word, but it certainly seems like a change for me. So, I am looking forward to getting really fit, and wearing lycra, and hoping to earn a bit of street cred from my kids. I can’t wait.

It’s been rumored recently that the actress might be playing ‘Hela’ in the upcoming film but with all this talk of fitness & actions, perhaps there’s a chance she might just be playing ‘The Enchantress’? Sound off with your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below. Thor: Ragnarok is set to start principal photography in June and hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

Source: CBM

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