No, Catwoman Is Not In DC’s ‘Birds Of Prey’ Movie

Birds of Prey DCA new rumor has suggested that Lea Seydoux, best known for her roles in Blue is the Warmest Color and the most recent installment of the 007 franchise, Spectre, is in early talks to join the cast of DC’s upcoming Birds of Prey film.

According to the rumor, Warner Bros. currently has a list of 10 actresses — including Seydoux — being eyed to star alongside Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the film. It suggests the studio is looking fill the roles of both Black Canary — a mainstay on the female crimefighting team — as well as Catwoman. However, Heroic Hollywood editor-in-chief Umberto Gonzalez has confirmed this rumor is indeed false and that Catwoman herself is not included in the film.

Officially, Cathy Yan (Dead Pigs) is set to direct the film from a script by Bumblebee and Shut In writer Christina Hodson. The studio is targeting a January 2019 production start date and looking to hire an all-female crew.

DC Comics’ Birds of Prey are an international crimefighting team featuring heroines such as Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance) and the Huntress (Helena Bertinelli). The comic book teams current lineup consists of Black Canary, Huntress, and Lady Blackhawk, along with Hawk and Dove.

Warner Bros. currently has Aquaman slated to hit theaters December 21, 2018, followed by Shazam! on April 5, 2019, and the Wonder Woman sequel on November 1, 2019. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of the DC slate as we learn it.

10 Actresses Who Could Play Black Canary In The DC Extended Universe

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Black Canary DC ComicsThe superhero genre is still thriving despite many saying that it would not last. The way that it is doing that is by constantly changing and adapting to the times. Many clamored for more female superhero leads. There were ones here and there but they all had the misfortune of being bad to terrible. Now with the success of Wonder Woman on the big screen and shows such as Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Supergirl on television, it is a great time for female heroes to strike. Black Canary can be the next big female superhero to hit the mainstream.

Black Canary has had a long history in the pages of DC Comics since her introduction. She has been a star, a co-star with Green Arrow, a member of the Justice League and so on. With a resume like that in comics, you can put her in many different roles, but you need the right actress to bring her to life.

Here are 10 actresses who could play Black Canary in the DC Extended Universe. Hit Next to get started!

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Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff is a Film/TV Reporter and the News Editor at Heroic Hollywood.

  • Maxi Iroh

    I can see Léa Seydoux as Lady BlackHawk, but not as Black Canary, don’t really know why.

  • nero laika

    They could have an organic movie if they didn’t try and force Margot Robbie as the star.