5 Characters We Want To See On ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

Last week I wrote about some of my thoughts regarding DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Now I want to look more towards its future, specifically at some characters I would like to see either join the show as series regulars, or at least have appearances.

There are characters that I don’t include despite the fact that I would love them, only based on the fact they are tied up in the movies (I’m looking at you Green Lantern). So I was trying to hold it to people I think are actually possible.

I mentioned a couple of these last week, but here are five characters that I think could be great on the show.

Conner Hawke

In the comics Conner the son of Oliver Queen, and served as Green Arrow after Oliver was killed stopping a bomb-filled airplane from destroying a city. Hawke is the son of John Diggle. He isn’t using his real name (John Diggle Jr.) because of the guilt he feels for failing to save his father’s life during Grant Wilson’s uprising. I absolutely loved the show’s take on Hawke and definitely want to see more of him in the future.


You might think XS would be a more natural fit on another show, such as The Flash. After all, XS/Jenni Ognats is the granddaughter of Barry Allen (despite the fact she was born far into the future) and grew to become both a speedster and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. While in the comics she has had an adventure or two with the present day Flash, the vast bulk of her time is with the Legion. It would be great to see a speedster join the cast, and like Rip, she would have a different view on things coming from the far future. However, not being a trained time master, she would be more likely to let her knowledge of the future slip when talking with the rest of the team which could create some interesting situations.


Seriously. Who doesn’t want more of Matt Ryan’s take on John Constantine? He has already had a solo series that ran for 13 episodes on NBC, and it is debatable why exactly the show didn’t work. But, one thing everyone seems to agree on… Matt Ryan was fantastic. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the character in the comics, but I enjoyed his show quite a bit, and I loved his appearance this year on Arrow. Just the thought of him being forced into a situation where he has to partner with Captain Cold is enough to sell me on this idea. His abilities are based in magic so he would also diversify the teams power set.


Vixen is another hero with an already established history in this world. She had a great, but brief, introduction in the animated Vixen  on the CW Seed, and to date has appeared in one episode of Arrow. Like Constantine, her powers are based in magic. Visually, the way she accesses the abilities of various animals is just plain fun to watch. While I’m not yet convinced she is capable of carrying a solo live-action show, she is way too strong of a character to leave on the sidelines. Legends of Tomorrow could be a perfect place to develop her character more.


And in the category of slim to extremely doubtful – Superboy. Realistically, Superboy might have the best chance of showing up on Supergirl, but I think he could work well on Legends. Add in some dimension hopping to go along with their time travel and the show could easily include him. There have been multiple versions of Superboy, but the one I would be the most interested in is the version introduced after The Death of Superman and was around up until the end of Flashpoint. As the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, he has powers similar (in looks anyway) to the Man of Steel’s, but largely they are a product of what he refers to as “tactile telekineses.” We have seen him in live action before, on Smallville. I admit I’m stretching here. But who would have thought that someday we would have The Flash meeting Supergirl on television. If that’s possible, then I think seeing Superboy certainly is. And I would love for that appearance to be on Legends.

Brent Clark

Brent Clark

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