Charles Roven On ‘Batman v Superman’ Footage & Possible Extended Cut

DC Extended Universe producer Charles Roven recently talked all about the highly-anticipated film Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

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Recently, Collider had the opportunity to sit down with DC Extended Universe producer Charles Roven for an extended interview all about the highly anticipated film Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. The conversation was filled with a lot of details and information that fans will find interesting as we inch closer to 2016.

The first thing discussed in this interview was how to avoid the dreaded “superhero fatigue” with the recent influx of superhero films constantly being released. Here’s what Charles Roven had to say o nthe matter:

“I think like any genre, the movies have to be good and you have to keep the audience engaged. One of the things that we’re doing when we’re bringing together the DC Justice League Universe is we’re creating not only stories that work for the individual film but they have some resonance to the other films that we’re doing. And I’m hoping that what’s also gonna keep the interest very keen is we’re telling hopefully compelling stories. I mean, one of the great things about dealing with superheroes in general, at least from our standpoint, is they’re both inspirational and aspirational characters, so you’re hoping that the audience is gonna want to be like some of them but you’re also hoping that the audience can relate to some of them, that if we make their stories compelling and relatable, interesting and emotional, that you’re going to really want to spend more time with them. So you talk about Man of Steel and I felt that Clark’s relationship with both of his fathers was pretty emotional and you can relate, certainly people who lost a loved one can relate, and we all have at some point in our lives lost loved ones. So I think even with Batman v Superman we wanna have characters that touch us, and if we can continue to make films like that, the I think they’re sort of ‘genre proof’”

Charles Roven also stated that the film is still in post-production, but teased that new footage will be arriving before the end of 2015

“Honestly, you’re going be seeing something very soon… I don’t know how you define soon but certainly before the end of the year, how about that?”

When jesting about a possible 4-hour long version of the film is a possibility, Charles Roven hinted at the possibility that an extended version may come to fruition at some point.

“I don’t know if you’ll ever get the 4-hour version, but there may be something that’s coming along that might be slightly less long than that”

The final topic was that the concern over dealing with multiple characters being introduced while maintaining the balance of semi-realism and how the films with move forward in the shadow of The Dark Knight Trilogy

“Let’s start with what we’re doing with Man of Steel, because Chris’ Dark Knight trilogy was actually different in the sense that the Dark Knight trilogy had no superheroes in it, none whatsoever. It had a man who made himself both mentally and physically into the best a man could be, and the villains in that were also humans who whether they were aberrated or not were also heightened in terms of their ability to accomplish their goals through their own methods. Very real, very grounded, but of this Earth. On Man of Steel we also tried to make things feel as real as possible, but we took you to Krypton. We started on Krypton, we gave you Krypton technology and Krypton science and we tried to do it in a way that if there was this planet, what was their culture, what was their language, what were they thinking about, what was their science, what was their technology. And we did try to make that real but we were also taking you into an alien world, and I think we’ve tried to follow that, so make it feel grounded but also otherworldly. So whatever we do with any of these characters we’re gonna want them to be grounded, we’re gonna want the science to feel real whether it’s of this world or not of this world.”

All of these details adds a new dimension of understanding to how the DCEU and this film is being approached. I am certain this won’t be the last we hear from Charles Roven before the release of Batman V. Superman.

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice will be released on March 25th, 2016. Are any of these details interesting to you? How excited are you for this film? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Collider

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