Charlie Cox Confirms Daredevil Will Not Be Appearing In A Marvel Film



Ever since Netflix released Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 last April, it has been of great question whether this new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could cross over to the films. The writers of Captain America: Civil War recently mentioned that there were no Netflix characters when they wrote the script as Marvel’s Daredevil premiered right before production started.

Recently, Charlie Cox confirmed once again that he has not been pursued by Marvel to appear in any films, “There was no conversation about joining any of the movies.” Although, the actor continued to display interested in appearing on the big screen, “Who wouldn’t want to be in the highest grossing film of all time?”

It makes sense that Daredevil was not brought into the cast of Captain America: Civil War. The film seems to be an emotional culmination of the dynamics between Avengers with introductions to all-new characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther. This movie is juggling a lot of pieces and a fusion of the Netflix characters with the movie characters may have pushed the film off balance.

It still remains to be seen whether Marvel will have Daredevil cross paths with the Avengers. The fans want it and the actors certainly do too. It is definitely early to be discussing this as The Defenders haven’t even been formed yet but once they have, Marvel will have a great opportunity to move forward with a crossover.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 was released on Netflix on March 18th, which will be followed by Luke Cage on September 30th. Iron Fist is currently gearing up for production for an early 2017 release. The Defenders, which will see Cox’s return as Daredevil, can also be expected in the same year.

Do you want the Netflix characters to crossover to the films? When do you think Marvel should move forward with this? Sound off tin the comments below!

Source: CNet

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  • bummer


    HA!! Called it. So much for “#it’s all connected”, huh?

    • Carl

      Ha! This article says nothing new.

      • Joseph Chaisson

        Yeah I was hoping it would have a confirmation not, no one has come to me yet.

    • Fenix

      Get a life. Why do you hate marvel so much? They give the fans what they want 9/10 times.

      • Joseph Chaisson

        He’s a troll. Don;t feed him.

      • SAMURAI36

        So, you’re mad that the TV stuff doesn’t connect with the movie stuff, like Marvel “promised”? Cuz that’s what I’m hearing right now.

        • Andy Gladman

          The films are great and the TV shows are great and they already exist in the same universe – we’ve repeatedly seen the impact of the films on the shows. As long as they’re both good, why would anything else matter? o.O

          • SAMURAI36

            Whether you think the films & shows are great, has nothing to do with whether they are truly connected or not. And really, they are connected only nominally.

            Aside from a few insignificant cameos & a couple of winks & nods, this is no different from DC’s approach, of keeping the mediums separate.

            People wanna see actual crossovers in a “shared univ erse”. And the general movie going audience is not getting that, which is why, by & large, they are not showing up for these TV shows. It’s mostly the Marvel die-adds that are keeping these shows alive. And even then, as in the case of Carter & AoShit, thats only barely, based on their ratings.

            BTW, “great” is subjective term.

  • Jake Bucsko

    Nbd. I like Daredevil where he is, with all the characters that they are putting into Infinity War it doesn’t really make sense for him to be shoehorned in, too.

  • Chris Aytes

    At some point, on some screen (big or small), DD and Spidey MUST work together or at least run into each other to trade notes. Too much comics precedent to have them not cross paths.

  • Carl

    So no actual new news in this article. got it.

    • batghost

      LOL, I know. Worst headline ever.

  • Jax Maxton

    I’d much rather TV’s Flash cross over in the DCEU and bring a little fun to that turd.

  • jollybrah

    I seriously hope we see them in the films, would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t!

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