Chiwetel Ejiofor Reveals What Drew Him Into ‘Doctor Strange’

While we’ve yet to see any footage from Marvel’s Doctor Strange, recent set images and officially released concept art from the movie, as well as its spectacular cast, have been more than enough to get us hyped for the upcoming superhero project, which will delve deep into the magical and the mystical elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Most of the cast and the crew of the movie are currently filming in London, but Chiwetel Ejiofor, who will be bringing Baron Mordo to life when it hits theaters, has been doing the press rounds for Triple 9. Speaking with Collider, the actor had to say the following about joining the cast of Doctor Strange:

Well, I guess I have always been a big fan of Marvel films and I was just excited by the way they have been sort of pushing the envelope. I guess when I watched Guardians of The Galaxy I was like, “This is really exceptional, what is happening here.” So I met with Kevin [Feige] and basically said, “Listen, I’m excited to get involved so let me know what is going on.” And then Doctor Strange was what we started to talk about. Getting into that universe and getting into that kind of concept was so thrilling, and even then having these conversations of what was going to happen with it and what they were going to visually attempt was incredible to me.

Whether you like their movies or not, you have to admit that Marvel Studios have been quite innovative with their projects. A prime example of that is Guardians of the Galaxy, which successfully managed to incorporate characters such as Groot and Rocket Raccoon into the Marvel Universe, which is one of things that drew Ejiofor to the role:

I just think that they were, like I say, in a sense pushing the envelope and getting product out there…Not sort of resting on any kind of laurels, thinking what’s next. How do we re-engage the audience? How do we up the ante? How do we do that effectively? And also Doctor Strange is a fascinating part of the whole gamut. It’s a beautifully weird and brilliant sequence of comics and smart and philosophical in the same way. It has all of those elements, so I thought it was pretty cool.

However, the actor couldn’t reveal how many movies he has signed on for, because “that may give things away.” What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to seeing Ejiofor as Baron Mordo? Sound-off your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Collider

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