Chris Terrio Talks About ‘Justice League’s Different Tone From ‘Batman V Superman’

Justice League Part One

Next month, production will be kicking off on Justice League: Part One as it units several legends of the DC Universe together for the first time on the big screen in the DC Extended Universe. The writer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Chris Terrio, also wrote Justice League: Part One and he recently talked about in a Wall Street Journal interview about the different tones between the upcoming Batman/Superman film, with the Justice League.

While Justice League may have some dark tones to it, he says that it won’t be quite as dark as Batman v Superman.

“I initially thought I wasn’t the guy to do “Justice League” and went off to work on something else. But the first day I went to the set, I saw Jesse [Eisenberg] in a scene with Holly Hunter and I really did feel like I was watching some strange, great performance in an independent film.

At that moment, I thought, “I’m not done with this yet. I want to go back and keep telling the story.” “Batman v Superman” is a bit of an “Empire Strikes Back” or “Two Towers” or any similar middle film in a trilogy. The middle film tends to be the darkest one. I do think from “Man of Steel” through “Justice League,” it is one saga really.

I expect “Justice League” will be tonally not quite as dark as “Batman v Superman.” From that point of view, I felt compelled to go back and try to lift us and myself into a different tonal place because I think when you write a darker film, sometimes you want to redeem it all a bit.”

He also discussed about the fact that he may not be writing the second part to the two-parter for Justice League.

“I have written “Justice League Part One,” but I won’t necessarily write “Part Two.” This has been the most rigorous intellectual exercise I’ve had in my writing life. For “Batman v Superman,” I wanted to really dig into everything from ideas about American power to the structure of revenge tragedies to the huge canon of DC Comics to Amazon mythology.”

Justice League: Part One is scheduled to come out on November 17, 2017 and Justice League: Part Two will come out on June 14, 2019.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Andy Behbakht

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