Christina Wren Would Love For ‘Carrie Ferris’ To Appear In ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Christina Wren

While it’s yet to be confirmed that Batman v Superman actress Christina Wren’s ‘Carrie Ferris’ might actually be a version of Carol Ferris, it’s been speculated ever since her introduction in Man Of Steel. There’s definitely similarities between the characters and if she does indeed turn out to be a version of the character, the actress is totally up for making an appearance in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film. While speaking with, Wren had the following to say on the possibility.

Yes! Yes!  Like, absolutely! I mean, super-huge fan. Would die to be a superhero. My whole childhood growing up, I wanted to be a superhero and we didn’t really have the female superheroes who were in the limelight at the time….To get to grow up and do that would be really a dream come true, but I’m waiting as much as anyone else.

Would you be up for seeing Wren make an appearance and possibly become Star Sapphire in the DCEU? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Comic Book

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