REPORT: Christopher Nolan Working On WWII Drama

A new report claims that Christopher Nolan's next project is a WWII drama, focusing on the events of the Dunkirk evacuation.

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Earlier this year, Warner Bros. announced that Christopher Nolan’s next project would hit theaters on July 21, 2017. Other than the release date, no other details about the film were revealed, but a new report by La Voix Du Nord may finally shed some light on the director’s mystery project. According to the French site (via Indiewire), Christopher Nolan is currently working on a WWII drama, based on the heroic real life events of The Dunkirk evacuation, aka Operation Dynamo.

The site adds that Patrice Vergriete, the mayor of Dunkirk, France, recently revealed that a “world-famous director” would be filming his next project in Dunkirk next June and according to La Voix Du Nord’s sources, that director is in fact Christopher Nolan. Apparently, the director and his brother, Jonathan, have visited the location multiple times, possibly for location scouting. Here’s a translation of the original report:

“Completely incognito during his recent visits to Dunkirk with his brother Jonathan, [Christopher Nolan] absorbed the territory, its past and the consequences of the conflict.”

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Source: La Voix du Nord (via Indiewire)

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