‘Captain America: Civil War’ Scores Fifth Highest All-Time Opening Weekend; Nears $700M Worldwide

Civil War Opening WeekendWhile it didn’t quite hit the number that many had predicted it would, Captain America: Civil War still scored a massive opening weekend domestically and the biggest of the year so far. It might not have had the biggest opening weekend for Marvel Studios release but it did join both The Avengers & Avengers: Age Of Ultron in the top five domestic openings of all time with a haul of $181.8M.

The film is also doing impressive business overseas and has already joined the top five grossing films of the year with a worldwide haul of $678M. With these kind of numbers, the film is a lock to join the “billion dollar club” and will more than likely be joining the top ten highest grossing films of all-time as well. You can checkout a breakdown of these numbers as well as a few additional statistics regarding the Marvel Studios release below.


  • Marquis de Sade

    Yep, I figure within 10 days or less, CA: CW will be joining the BILLION DOLLAR+ CLUB…And to think, bvs will be joining mos on the outside (enviously) lookin’ in. LOL!

    • breakerbaker

      Ten days is a silly prediction. School is still in session. It’s a month or more away from $1B. But it will get there. Probably.

      • Susann Miller

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        • breakerbaker

          How is it that Disqus on this site can make it so difficult to post legitimate comments and yet these are so ubiquitous? It is such an amateur operation.

      • Marquis de Sade

        Really??? Dude, on average, Monday thru Thursday, Civil War will probably rake in another $45 million in this Country alone. Overseas it’ll rake in another $50 to $60 million Monday thru Thursday…Now lets say next Friday thru Sunday, CW drops 60% from last week, it’ll do about $80 million domestically. Overseas, it’ll do another $150 to $200 million. Now tack those estimates to the already $678 million, CW has already accumulated thus far in its first 12 days in release. (12 overseas and 3 days in the U.S./Canada).

        • breakerbaker

          Maybe I’m wrong, but again, everybody is in school. It took Force Awakens and JW, both of which took in significantly more than this movie in the first weekend, nearly two weeks to crack $1B. Both of those movies were released at the start or the middle of a prolonged period of kids being out of school. The only reason BvS was able to do as well as it did in week one was that it opened at the start of spring break in a lot of the US and it opened globally on the same day. Otherwise, that movie probably ends with an even smaller gross.

          I fully anticipate CW to crack $1B. Obviously, it’s possibly that it falls of a cliff, but it would be pretty shocking. But the logistics of doing it while everybody is in school for at least the next three weeks are a bit complicated.

          • Marquis de Sade

            Monday numbers are in:

            $13.3 million – Domestically
            $18.8 million – Overseas

            Like I said earlier, CA:CW will be knockin’ on the Billion Dollar Club’s Door by this weekend, and (in all probability) will gain admittance by Wednesday of next week.

      • Craigmcl

        10 days is a little too soon, but a month or more is ridiculous. A 60% second weekend drop, plus the weekeday totals, will put it over 300 million in the US alone on day 10, and foreign grosses are typically 2-2.5x the US gross for blockbusters.