‘Captain America: Civil War’ Screenwriters Comment On Marvel’s ‘Villain Problem’

One of the few but fairly common complaints when it comes to Marvel Studios films is that they seem to lack in the villain department outside of a few characters. While speaking with JoBlo, Captain America: Civil War screenwriters Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus shared their thoughts on the matter and how they are hoping that they won’t have the same issue with the upcoming (soon to be retitled) two-part Avengers: Infinity War.

If you think about it, I get the criticism, but the early phases were all origin stories. It tends to create a similar villain. When it is no longer an origin story, I think you might have a little bit more freedom to create different villains. I’m sensitive to the problem. I get it. But it wasn’t the Robert Redford story, it was Captain America: Winter Soldier. It wasn’t the Red Skull’s journey [in The First Avenger], it was the journey of one guy going from ninety pound weakling to American hero and then going into the ice. So in a 120-minute movie it is difficult, and Thanos will possibly change that, but you want time spent. Excuse me for going on a tangent but I love the Marvel Netflix shows because you have so much more time to spend with your villains. It’s literally minutes and hours spent. We have 120-minutes and Jessica Jones had how ever many it had.

Very hard to disagree with their statements regarding the TV villains as Grant Ward, Kilgrave and Wilson Fisk are some of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While I will agree some of the villains featured in the Phase Two films weren’t the strongest (looking at you Thor: The Dark World), I do think that Zemo will surprise some people. Here’s hoping Marvel Studios has some more great villains in store for the rest of their Phase Three films other than just ‘Thanos’. Sound off with your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Source: JoBlo

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