Colin Trevorrow Insists ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Is In Good Hands

Colin Trevorrow Insists 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Is In Good Hands. Trevorrow spoke up about the film after 'Book of Henry' flopped.

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After the pretty awful reviews for The Book of Henry, director Colin Trevorrow wants to reassure fans that, despite the bad critical reception of his latest film, Star Wars: Episode IX is still in good hands. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Trevorrow, who also directed Jurassic World, says that he hopes “everybody would realize” that Star Wars has touched his life like it has so many others.

“Not only did I grew up on these stories, like all of us did, [but] I think that the values of Star Wars are values that I hold very close and very dear in my life. I feel that the message of the way that the Force teaches you to treat other people and show respect for others, and the way it guides you through life is really important to me. And I hope everybody would realize that that set of stories has affected me as deeply in my life as it has affected them.”

Trevorrow has a lot of pressure on his shoulders because directing any Star Wars film is a very big deal, so it’s warranted.

“I think the challenge for me is to recognize that everyone has their own personal relationship with these stories, and it’s different depending on who you are. And I need to make a film that you’ll appreciate even if your experience with it was different, which is making something that will be deeply emotionally resonant and satisfying for people all around the world. And I think about it a lot.”

Most recently, Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the Han Solo movie over creative differences. As a director, Trevorrow is subpar, so giving him the reigns to the final film in the latest Star Wars trilogy and seeing what he does with it will be interesting to say the least.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is set for a 2019 theater release.

Source: THR

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