‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Concept Art Of Citizen Steel Released

Conceptual artist Andy Poon has shared a brand new piece of concept art from Legends of Tomorrow, featuring Citizen Steel.

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Andy Poon is a conceptual artist known for his work with the CW’s DC shows Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. He has had a hand in creating characters from Zoom, to Jesse Quick, to Ragman, Vigilante, and now Citizen Steel as well. Poon has now released concept art for Legends of Tomorrow‘s Citizen Steel. Check out the concept art below:


Aside from the fact that the person in the costume is much skinnier than Nate Heywood on Legends of Tomorrow , the costume is very similar to the final product. It wouldn’t be the first time Poon’s concept art was translated almost perfectly to live-action.

Nate Heywood began the second season of Legends as a simple historian who was interested in aberrations that were appearing in time, and ended up finding his way aboard the Waverider. If that wasn’t enough, he was able to go back in time to meet his famous grandfather, Justice Society of America member Commander Steel. To add icing to the cake, somewhere along the way he was also granted the powers to become steel himself.

During the episode before the “Invasion!” crossover, Ray Palmer unveiled Haywood’s new Citizen Steel suit that he wore during the four-series event.

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Legends of Tomorrow airs every Thursday at 8 pm on The CW.

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