‘The Conjuring 3’: Producer Says Production May Start In 2019

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Peter Safran, producer and shepherd of The Conjuring film franchise, reports that production for The Conjuring 3 may start as early as 2019.

The Nun is the latest entry into the The Conjuring shared film universe and was met with an excellent reception from fans. It was #1 in the box office and has left fans craving more scares, more ghouls, and more horror from the franchise. Capitalizing on the excitement, Peter Safran, produced of all the films included in The Conjuring franchise, spoke to Cinema Blend and dropped on more tantalizing scare for his fans: The Conjuring 3 may begin production in 2019!

As revealed by Safran, David Lindsay Johnson, co-writer of The Conjuring 2 is already hard at work on a script for the sequel and is anticipating its completion in time for a 2019 production date. As Safran notes:

“David Lindsay Johnson is working on the screenplay, and I feel pretty confident they will have that one up and running next year.”

He then goes on to tell Cinema Blend that if all goes to plan, fans will have a fully completed movie in theaters in 2020. That is excellent news for horror fans everywhere!

And let’s take a moment to appreciate what Safran has accomplished. Not only has he helped usher in a renewed interest in horror movies – also thanks to the efforts of Blumhouse – but The Conjuring franchise is the first shared universe franchise to be fully functional and reap reliable financial returns since the MCU! This is quite the achievement for Safran and company and fans are reaping the rewards, and scares, because of their hard work.

How do you feel that there is more Conjuring on the way? Do you think the franchise has legs? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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