‘Game Of Thrones’: Conor McGregor Addresses Appearance Rumors

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Rumors that UFC fighter Conor McGregor had joined the cast of the HBO series Game of Thrones appeared to be confirmed late last year. The lightweight champion was alleged to play a member of Euron Greyjoy’s crew, but now McGregor has denied the rumors in an interview with the Good Times Network.

McGregor confirmed that had been visited by people from HBO before the rumors began, but explained he had no interest in an appearance on the show.

“That was everywhere and I’ve never even heard about it! I heard about it once after [a fight] … backstage in the dressing room. [UFC brass, including Dana White, were] in front of me and they were saying ‘these [vistors] want you to be in Game of Thrones.’ I’m banged up, my shin’s in a heap, I’ve been kicking his knee’s straight for 25 minutes, my leg’s in bits, and he’s trying to offer me a Game of Thrones role. And I’m saying, ‘Listen, come at me with sh– I want to hear, I’m not trying to be in show business, I’m trying to be in the fight business. Come at me with a real number to fight again. So that was the only time I ever heard the [words] Games of Thrones. And it went everywhere like months later! So I don’t know where that came from. But I’ve never been in contact with nobody from Game of Thrones and now I’m starring in Game of f—ing Thrones!”

It sounds as though McGregor truly has no interest in show business, though it was reported that he had been offered the lead role in Shane Black’s new The Predator film, which he appeared to be interested in depending on the payout.

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Game of Thrones season seven will air on HBO in summer 2017.

Source: Good Times Network (via EW)

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