Could Superman Get His Own Spin-off Series On The CW?


Ever since the debut of Supergirl over a year ago, the question of whether or not her famous cousin, Superman, would ever get his own spin-off show has been constantly tossed around.

Today, all four of the Arrowverse shows on The CWThe FlashSupergirlArrowDC’s Legends of Tomorrow–have been officially renewed for the 2017-2018 TV season. So could a Superman spin-off be in the works?

CW President Mark Pedowitz says not right now. Although Tyler Hoechlin stepped into the role, and filled pretty big shoes, in the first two episodes of Supergirl, don’t count on the actor getting his own show as the character.

“Tyler did a great job. There’s no plan to do a series. There are no plans at the moment for him to return [to Supergirl]. If they wish to have him return, we’d love to have him.”

Hoechlin isn’t scheduled to return to Supergirl in any official capacity yet, but now that he’s appeared, and to a pretty good reception from fans, the door is definitely always open for him to come back in the future.

The question of whether or not The CW could even have a spin-off due to the rights to the character, who’s set to appear on the big screen in Justice League next, also popped up during the Television Critics Association press tour.

Pedowitz said that he couldn’t really discuss it because they haven’t really talked about it.

“I can’t even answer the question yet, because at this time there are no plans to do it and there have been no discussions about it.”

Even though a spin-off isn’t happening, it’d still be nice to see Hoechlin back on Supergirl once again in the near future.

Would you be interested in a spin-off series with Hoechlin’s version of Superman? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: EW

Mae Abdulbaki

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