Clark Gregg Says Coulson Is ‘Not Happy’ About Keeping His Revival From ‘The Avengers’

One of the longest running characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment is Clark Gregg’s ‘Phil Coulson’, who we first met in Iron Man. Following his introduction, the fan-favorite character went on to become an important piece of connective tissue for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the early days as well as an integral part behind-the-scenes in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ever since the character was revived on the Marvel television series, fans have wondered if the films would eventually acknowledge this and re-unite the character with the members of The Avengers. While speaking with Zap2It, Clark Gregg again commented on the matter and revealed that he believes Coulson is ‘not happy’ with keeping this secret from his former friends.

I think Coulson is a moral person, and I think he feels really bad about it. He had great, obvious admiration for Captain America and fanboyed to the point where he almost burst into flames; despite all the snarky weariness he has about Tony Stark, he has a huge amount of admiration for him.

I think it hurts him that they don’t know. He hopes at some point he can make it clear to them that this was not a choice he made, but one that was made for him — and he can repair those relationships.

While Gregg is hopeful to see the characters re-united, he understands that Coulson has different focus at the moment and definitely has his hands full.

While I hope that scene happens someday, I think Coulson is really clear that he was given a job by Nick Fury that’s very specifically focused on re-building SHIELD with the people he has. And that has already proven necessary within this world to defeat a bubbling, underground, strong counter-attack from HYDRA and now an outbreak of Inhumans.

That’s his focus. He’s not biding his time, waiting for this [closure] to happen. He’s doing his thing, [The Avengers] are doing their thing.

While he’s not worry about when or if they will meet again, Gregg believes that if it happens and when “the time is right — if it’s done right — I’m sure that would be a terribly poignant and hilarious scene.” While I’d love to see the Son Of Coul cross paths with these characters again, I fully agree with Gregg that it needs to be done right. Here’s hoping Marvel has a plan for this one. Sound off with your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Source: Zap2It

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