Benedict Cumberbatch On Why ‘Dr. Strange’ Director Should Helm Sequel

Cumberbatch advocates for Scott Derickson to direct the "Doctor Strange" sequel because of his impressive visuals and multi-tasking abilities.

doctor strange

As superhero movies continue to dominate the box office, it has been interesting to note the sort of directors that decided to take a shot at making a blockbuster film like that. Curiously, horror directors like James Wan (Aquaman) and Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) have moved out of their genre to try their hand at superheroes.

Although we will have to wait a while to see how Wan’s take on Atlantis will be, Derrickson excelled with his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange. If you have seen the film, then you will remember the awesome visuals and mind-bending effects that went on in Doctor Strange. With this in mind, and because of the recent revelation that Derrickson has a number of ideas for a sequel, CinemaBlend decided to ask the Doctor himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, why Derrickson should come back for a sequel:

…I think also Scott’s got, he’s very good on process, and he’s very good on visuals and he had to cram a lot in. I mean this was a much harder shoot in many ways than I imagine some of the other origin stories had been. They’re all hard, not to detract from the hard work that they put in, but my point is that there was a massively fast turn around. So he was having to edit and approve special effects shots at the same time as setting up these huge sequences live and getting the camera and angles and performances and visuals right on the day. So he was double tasking in a pretty full on way and then he was, for someone who’s done stuff to do stuff with the supernatural before but never, as he’d be the first to admit I’m sure, never quite on this scale. He had to do it all with great skill and the results are on the screen. So yeah I think this film speaks to why Scott would be a great choice to direct it again…

It’s no surprise that Cumberbatch would want Derrickson on the sequel, but it is interesting to note the reasons he gives for this. I hadn’t thought about the loads of multi-tasking that Derickson would’ve done for such an effects heavy movie.

Doctor Strange is available on blu-ray and DVD. The film was a great success and made $675 million worldwide while holding a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Would you like to see Derrickson back in the director’s chair? Let us know in the comments! And if Derrickson does come back for the sequel, Heroic Hollywood will be covering it!

Source: CinemaBlend